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I review books that can be read on a kindle i.e PDF, Mobi, or paperback or hardback. I review all kinds of book but no erotica. I prefer crime/mystery, womens fiction, non-fiction, true crime, historical fiction, but will look at others incl childrens picture books.

I will review honestly and give good and bad reviews and am not afraid to give 1* ratings if I feel the book deserves it.

I hold giveaways so if you would be happy for me to gift your book let me know.

I also like to do interviews if you are happy to take part.

Here you can search for book reviews on my various books. They are listed by book title, but if you want to search by Author, press CTRL + F to search.


A ~
Abberant -- Ruth Silver
The Affair -- Amanda Brooke

After Alex Died -- Dakota Madison
After He's Gone -- Jane Isaac
A Life Interrupted - Kristi Loucks
A Lifetime Burning -- Linda Gillard
A Ripple In Time -- Julia Hughes
A Very Scandalous Holiday -- various authors
Alizels Song -- Bill Pottle
All Signs Point to Murder -- Connie Di Marco
Alterations -- Rita Plush  - Audio book giveaway
Amazing People of Paris -- Dr Charles Margerison
Angels Sing To Rest -- Chrinda Jones
Adopt is a Powerful Word -- Sandra Kanak
An Unproductive Woman -- Khaalidah Muhammad-Ali
Anything For Her -- Jack Jordan
Aqua Blue -- Marian L Thomas
Athena's Holiday -- Laina Turner
The Au Pair -- Janey Fraser

B ~
Back to Life -- Danielle Allen
Beautiful Experiment -- January Valentine
The Beast -- Faye Kellerman
Bed Green -- Cardaem Marquez
Before I go to Sleep -- SJ Watson
Believing Again - A Tale of Two Christmases -- Martin Crosbie

Belfast Girls -- Gerry McCullough
Beneath an Irish Sky -- Isabella Connor
Beneath Southern Skies -- Terra Little
Benjamin McTish and the Door Through The Grandfather Tree -- June M Pace
Best Day Ever -- Kaira Rouda
Beyond the Eyes -- Rebekkah Ford
Billy the Goat Meets a Hero -- Dustin Ross - Childrens Book
Black Caesar: The Rise & Disappearance of Frank Matthews Kingpin -- Ron Chepesiuk
Black Dog -- Stephen Booth
Black Song Inside -- Carlyle Clark
Block 46 -- Johana Gustawsson
Blue Moon Chronicles -- Bryant Golden
Blood From Stone -- Frances Fyfield
Blood Drama -- Christopher Weeks
Bloody Sinful Original Legacy -- J L McCoy
Bluffing the Devil -- C L Foster
Books Aren't Just for Reading -- Laina Turner
The Boy Scout -- James Brockett
The Breakdown -- B A Paris
The Bridge of Deaths -- M C V Egan
Bring Me Sunshine - Janet Gover
The Butlins Girls -- Elaine Everest

C ~
Catching a Sorcerer -- Sara Walker
Celebrate the Sinner -- Steven Merle Scott
Changing Gears - A Family Odyssey to the End of the World - Nancy Sathre-Vogel
Chasing Nikki -- Lacey Weatherford
The Cheesecake Queen -- Miranda P Koerner
The Cheesemakers House -- Jane Cable 
The Child Taker -- Conrad Jones
Chill Run -- Russell Brooks
The Christmas Cake Cafe -- Sue Watson

The Christmas Promise -- Sue Moorcroft
Chrysalis -- Michelle Cornwell-Jordan
The Closing -- Stella K
Close to the Wind -- Zana Bell
The Color Keepers -- Catriona Crehan
Confessions of a GP -- Dr Benjamin Daniels
Confessions of a Call Center Gal -- Lisa Lim
The Cordello Quest -- Joanna Gawn & Ron Dickerson
Covert Dreams -- Michael Meyer
The Craigslist Killer -- Aaron Patterson
Crimson Footprints - Shewanda Pugh
The Crimson Key -- Wes Dodd
Cruelty to Innocents -- CK Webb & DJ Weaver 
Crystal Cove -- Lisa Kleypas
Cupcakes Aren't Just for Eating -- Laina Turner
Cut Short -- Leigh Russell

D ~
Dadspirations-1st 100 days of Fatherhood -- Pete Densmore
The Darkness Beyond the Veil -- Darren R Scothern
Darkness First -- James Hayman
Darkness Knows Me -- Chrinda Jones
Dead Secret -- Janice Frost

Deadly to Love -- Mia Hoddell -- Cindy McDonald
Dear Dad -- Giselle Green
Death of an Outsider - M C Beaton
Death of a Travelling Man - M C Beaton
Death of the Body -- Rick Chianaretto
Defiant Heart -- Marty Steere
Demon Inhibitions -- Gary Starta
Detached -- Christina Kilbourne

Devil in the Hole -- Charles Salzberg
Deviltry Afoot -- Carol Pritt
Divorce for Beginners - Sophie King
Do Writers Need a Writers Group -- Rita Plush
Do You Remember -- Mandy Baggott
Doggone Dead -- Teresa Trent
The Dogs Bollocks -- Lynda Renham
Dominant Species -- David Coy
Don't breathe a word -- Jennifer McMahon
Don't Close Your Eyes -- Holly Seddon
Dorys Avengers -- Alison Jack
Double Mocha Heavy on Your Phone Number -- June Kramin
Dream a Little Dream -- Sue Moorcroft
Dream Student -- J J DeBenedetto

E ~
The Eagles Last Flight -- Ron Standerfer
The Elephant Girl -- Henriette Gyland
The End of Forever -- Inger Iversen
Epsilon AR -- Zackery Humphreys
The Equation -- James Tarrantin
Escape: A New Life -- David J Antocci
Everything She Forgot -- Lisa Ballantyne
The Eyes of Love -- Angelina Rose

F ~
Faithless -- Kjell Ola Dahl
Feeling Death -- D T Dyllin
Finding a Man for Sylvia -- Margaret Lesh
The Fire Child -- S K Tremayne
First Frost & Glass Frost -- Liz DeJesus
Fifty Shades of Grey -- E L James
Fifty Shades Darker -- E L James
Fifty Shades Freed -- E L James
Forbidden Feast -- Joelle Sterling
Full Circle -- Irina Shapiro

G ~
Getting Rooted In New Zealand -- Jamie Baywood
Goodbye Henrietta Street - Lin Treadgold
Gooseberry Island -- Steven Manchester
Gracies War -- Elaine Everest
Grape Expectations -- Caro Feely
The Guardian Series -- Wendy Owens
The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society - Mary Ann Shaffer & Annie Barrows
Guide Star -- Joy Ellis

H ~
The Handfasting -- David Burnett
The Hanging Wood -- Martin Edwards 
Happy Families -- Janey Fraser
Harry the Happy Mouse -- N.G.K
Hated -- Mercy Amare
Head Games -- Erika Rummell
Her Knight in Black Leather -- J M Stewart
Hidden Gates -- D T Dyllin
Holding -- Graham Norton

The House of Crimson & Clover -- Sarah Cradit
House of Silence -- Linda Gillard
How you Leave Texas -- Alana Cash
How to Run A Home Based E Bay Store -- Annette Shaw
Hunted -- Jill Kaelin

I ~
Ice Rose -- Alison Neumann
I Don't Sing Anymore -- April Williams
If They Could See Me Now -- Denise Welch
Immortal Heart -- Inger Iversen
Incomplete -- Lindy Zart
Inshallah -- Sybil Powell
In The Shadow of Revenge -- Patricia Hale
In Times of Trouble -- Yolonda Tonette Sanders
Irresistible Refrain -- Michelle Mankin
It Was You -- Anna Cruise
I wish I would've - Aynoit Ashor

J ~
Jack Canon's American Destiny -- Greg Sandora
Janelle's Time - Dayna Leigh Cheser
Jellybean Kisses -- Amy Evans
Johnny Digweed - Stephen Garside
Journey to Jazzland -- Gia Volterra de Saulnier
Jumping Ship -- Janice Ross
Just a Little Drop More -- Gordon Macleod
Just Add Spice -- Carol E Wyer
Just For The Holidays -- Sue Moorcroft
Justice Perverted -- Dee Wilbur

K ~
Keeping Sam -- Joanne Phillips
Kindred Night School Vampire Hunter - Book 2 -- Michelle Cornwell Jordan
Kiss Me In Paris -- Dmytry Karpov

L ~
Letters From Malta -- Mary Rensten
Letters to My Mother -- Rebecca Heath
The Life & Times of No-one in Particular -- Jamie B Musings
Lily Steps out -- Rita Plush
Local Girl Missing -- Claire Douglas
Long Gone - Alafair Burke
Lost in the Lake -- A J Waines
Lottery in Paradise -- Deborah Brown
Loves Debt - Rachel Brimble
The Ladies Temperance Club's Farewell Tour - Jeff Lee
Love and Freedom -- Sue Moorcroft 
Lucifer (Sons of Old Trilogy) -- Anabella Cadiz
Lukes Tale -- Carol McKibben

M ~
Maverick -- Anna Cruise
Melted Tears -- Annabelle Blume
The Messiah Matrix -- Kenneth John Atchity
Minus One: The Drew Smith series -- Norwood Holland
The Most Powerful Women in the Middle Ages -- Melissa & Michael Rank
A Mothers Confession -- Kelly Rimmer

My Bunny -- Justin Davis
My Dad's a Policeman - Cathy Glass
My Dearest Rose -- Jessie McClain
My Girl -- Jack Jordan
Murder on a Summers Day -- Frances Brody
The Mysteries of the Magical Horse -- P J Flynn
My Year as a Clown -- Robert Steven Williams

N ~
Never Let You Go -- Michelle G Miller
New York Actually -- Sarah Morgan
Night by Elie Wiesel
Nightlife -- Matthew Quinn Martin
Not easily washed away - Anon Beauty & Brian Arthur Levene
Nobody's Fault but my Own - Saundra Terrell
Night Shift Diary -- R. August King 

O ~
The Old Rectory -- Julia Ibbotson
On Grieving the Death of a Father -- Harold Ivan Smith
One Christmas in Paris -- Mandy Baggot
One Day - David Nicholls
One Summer In Italy -- Sue Moorcroft
One Summer in Malta -- Sue Moorcroft
One Way Ticket -- Rachel Hargrove
Overdue for Murder -- Teresa Trent

P ~
Paradox -- Robyn M Pierce
Paris Runaway -- Paulita Kincer
Patch Up -- Stephanie Witter
The Phoenix Blade -- Andrew Hess
Pirates of Vampire Island - Phoenix & Lover Boy
Policeman Pete & Maisie the Calf -- Barbara Ann - childrens book 
Policeman Pete & The Adventurous Tortoise -- Barbara Ann - childrens book
Policeman Pete & The Disappearing Fish -- Barbara Ann - childrens book
The Presley Thurman Mysteries --Laina Turner

Q ~

R ~
Reading Upside Down -- Jo Platt

The Red Queen Dies -- Frankie Y Bailey
Reece's Leap -- Darcy Scott
The Resurrection of Hannah -- Kathryne Arnold
Relinquishing Liberty -- Maureen Meyer
Revenge of a Band Geek Gone Bad - Naomi Rabinowitz
The Rockin' Chair -- Steven Manchester
Rock Star Trilogy -- Mercy Amare
Rooms: A Novel - James L.Rubart
The Radleys -- Matt Haig

S ~
Sanctuary - Rivers Recruit -- Charlotte Abel & Ryan Heenan
Saving Faith -- Wes Dodd
A Secondhand Murder -- Lesley A Diehl
Second Watch -- J A Jance
The Secrets Between Us - Louise Douglas
Secrets of a Dangerous Woman - P M Terrell
The Secret Guardian -- Wes Dodd
September Sky -- John A Heldt
Shadows will Fall -- Trey Garrison
Shannons Law -- Emma Calin
The Silence -- Katharine Johnson
Sir Stan The Bogeyman -- Stacie Morrell
The Skeleton Key -- C.P.Bialois
Skin Deep -- Megan D Martin
So You Think You're a Celebrity ... Chef? -- Caroline James
Softly and Tenderly -- Lisa Binion
Someone Has Taken My Place -- David Snow
Something to Be Brave For -- Priscilla Bennett
The Stakeout - Elizabeth A Hale 
Stiletto's and Scoundrels -- Laina Turner
Stillwell -- Michael Phillip Cash
A Stitch in Time by Amanda James
The Stolen Child - Brian McGilloway
The Storm and the Darkness -- Sarah Cradit
Stranded, Stalked & Finally Sated -- Amelia Rose
Sun God Seeks Surrogate - Mimi Jean Pamfiloff
Sunspots -- Karen S Bell
The Surrogate -- Louise Jensen
Sustenance - Kayla Cargiulo

T ~ 
Tainted Waters -- Maggie Thom
Tainted Waters -- Maggie Thom -- Book Review
Take Care, Sara -- Lindy Zart
The Child Taker - Conrad Jones
To the Nines - Janet Evanovich
The Day No One Played - Donalisa Helsley
The Other Twin -- L V Hay
Their Lost Daughters -- Joy Ellis
Thirteen Little Blue Envelopes -- Maureen Johnson
The Thinking Tank - Jae De Wylde
The Three Sisters -- Bryan Taylor
This Reckless & Unreasonable Love -- Kayley J Higgins
The Thursday Night Club -- Steven Manchester
The Torment, The Shadow, The Heart -- T M Shannon
Three Weeks Dead -- Rebecca Bradley
Through Glass -- Rebecca Ethington
Tiaras and Texans, Presley Thurman Mystery -- Laina Turner
Til the Last Drop -- Marquis Boone
Tinseltown Riff -- Shelley Frome
Traces of Kara -- Melissa Foster
Trapped -- George Bernstein
The Travis Club -- Mark Louis Rybczyk
Trust your Eyes - Linwood Barclay
Twilight of the Drifter - Shelly Frome
Two Romantic Two Suspenseful -- Harmony Stalter

U ~
Untangled: Contemplation & Entanglement -- Henry J Sienkiewicz
The UnTied Kingdom - Kate Johnson
Untimed -- Andy Gavin
The Uncommon Reader - Alan Bennett
Upholding Law and Disorder -- PC Surname

V ~
Vengeance -- Roger A Price
Viper Trail - Simon Gould 

W ~
Waiting for Dad - A Yoga story for Kids -- Lakshmi Gosyne
Wandering -- Heather Sutherlin
The Wanted Bride -- Sylvia McDaniel
The Waves -- Jen Minkmann
The Wedding Gift -- Kathleen McKenna
The Wedding Diary -- Margaret James
War Horse -- Michael Morpurgo
Where Petals Fall -- Melissa Foster
The Whiskey Lullaby -- Dawn Martens & Emily Minton
The Whisperer -- Elsa Winckler
Windshift -- Joyce Faulkner
Wisdom Gone Wrong - Christine Ann Hare
Woman on Top -- Deborah Schwartz
Woman Walks into A Bar -- Rowan Coleman -- All proceeds to charity
Wonder Cruise -- Ursula Bloom

The Wonderful Adventures of Godfrey and Chucky -- Daitoku Daiichi

X ~

Y ~
Yikes - Another Quirky Audiobook -- Adele Park

Z ~
50 People Who Buggered Up Britain -- Quentin Letts