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In Safe Hands by J P Carter

TITLE - In Safe Hands

AUTHOR - J.P.Carter

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How far would you go to save the ones you love?

The first book in a gripping new crime series featuring DCI Anna Tate.

When nine children are snatched from a nursery school in South London, their distressed parents have no idea if they will ever see them again. The community in the surrounding area is in shock. How could this happen right under their noses? No one in the quiet suburban street saw anything – or at least that's what they're saying.

But DCI Anna Tate knows that nothing is impossible, and she also knows that time is quickly running out. It’s unclear if the kidnappers are desperate for money or set on revenge, but the ransom is going up by £1million daily. And they know that one little boy in particular is fighting for his life.

It’s one of the most disturbing cases DCI Anna Tate has ever worked on – not only because nine children are being held hostage, but because she’s pretty sure that someone close to them is lying…

This is the first book in the series featuring DCI Anna Tate. I had not heard of this author before, but he is a bestselling author and this is a pseudonym.

It is an upsetting but entirely plausible story line about 9 children snatched from a nursery school. There are numerous suspects as the story line continues. It is an engaging read and hard to put down. The Author draws you right in and then throws a twist at you right at the end. I would have liked a bit more depth to some of the characters as I just couldn't warm to them, but that is my only real criticism.

I liked Anna and I'm interested to see where the author takes her next. All in all this is a good read.


J. P. Carter is the pseudonym of a bestselling author who has also written sixteen books under the names Jaime and James Raven.

Before becoming a full-time writer he spent a career in journalism as a newspaper reporter and television producer. He was, for a number of years, director of a major UK news division and co-owned a TV production company. He now splits his time between homes in Hampshire and Spain with his wife.

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Summer on a Sunny Island by Sue Moorcroft

TITLE - Summer on a Sunny Island

AUTHOR - Sue Moorcroft

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This summer, sparks are flying on the island of Malta…

When Rosa Hammond splits up from her partner Marcus, her Mum Dory suggests a summer in Malta. Not one to sit back and watch her daughter be unhappy, Dory introduces Rosa to Zach, in the hope that romance will bloom under the summer sun. But Rosa’s determined not to be swayed by a handsome man – she’s in Malta to work, after all.

Zach, meanwhile, is a magnet for trouble and is dealing with a fair few problems of his own. Neither Rosa or Zach are ready for love – but does fate have other ideas? And after a summer in paradise, will Rosa ever want to leave?

Having been to Malta several times as a child, and again as an adult, it holds a special place in my heart. I was therefore excited to see that Sue Moorcroft had written a book, based in Malta. I knew it would be descriptive after having read "One Summer In Italy".

Immediately as you start reading you are drawn into the beauty of this small island, with it's charming fishing boats, lovely pavement cafes and clear seas. Throughout the book the author is very descriptive about the island, which having been there I could picture. 

The Author had given us two main characters at the start, Rosa, who had just split from her partner and had been encouraged to come to Malta by her Mother, and then Zach, who was renovating an apartment for his family, in the apartment building which Rosa's Mother was living in. Rosa's Mother was a celebrity chef in Malta and often tried to get Rosa to help her out, so there are some delicious dishes described in the book.

The relationship between Rosa and Zach, both "Military Brats", was slow to blossom, but Zach came across as a kind and loving friend. There are many family members in the story, and the author has developed a real closeness between the family members, which is lovely to read. The Military aspect is an interesting read too, as it talks about life for children living in Malta, who's parents are in the Military. 

For a change, there is another "side story" which adds a little criminal element to the tale, with the introduction of Luccio, who Zach is trying to help. An unusual element for a Sue Moorcroft book, but it did not feel out of place, and was well blended with the main story line. 

This book is full of content and not at all predictable. I found it an enjoyable read and something slightly different from the Author. 

Wednesday, 13 May 2020

The Eyes of Darkness by Dean Koontz

TITLE - Eyes of Darkness

AUTHOR - Dean Koontz

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The Eyes of Darkness is a gripping thriller following a mother's search for her son - a journey that unlocks the deadliest of secrets.
It's a year since Tina Evans lost her little boy Danny in a tragic accident.
Then a shattering message appears on the blackboard in Danny's old room: NOT DEAD.
Is it someone's idea of a grim joke? Or something far more sinister?

The search for an answer drives Tina through the neon clamour of Las Vegas nightlife.
The sun-scorched desert. The frozen mountains of the High Sierra.

People face a dreadful danger as a buried truth struggles to surface.
A truth so frightening that its secret must be kept at the price of any life - any man, any woman...any child.

With the constant social media posts stating this book predicted the Covid-19 pandemic, I wanted to read it for myself, as I'm sure several others did for the same reason. 

The tag line says "A gripping suspense thriller that predicted a global danger" is a bit of a stretch in my opinion. 

The story is of a mother who lost her son along with others, in a tragic accident. She immersed herself in her role of putting on a show in Las Vegas. Then she started seeing messages saying "Not Dead". The first one on the blackboard in her son Danny's room. 
Along with her lover, partner, colleague, she tried to find out where these messages were coming from. Someone obviously didn't want them to find out as they tried to stop them at all costs. 

This is a book that was originally published under the lesser known pseudonym of Leigh Nichols. This is not the normal quality of writing one would expect from Dean Koontz. It was quite slow to get started, picked up in the middle and then a bit far fetched at the end.  The story line started off okay but just got a bit bizarre. The mention of Wuhan is right at the end, and very loosely you could fit it in with today's pandemic. However I have heard from some other reviewers that the original book in the 80's did not have mention of Wuhan but was linked to the Russians. I haven't been able to get hold of a copy of the original to corroborate that. If that is true, then I think this is poor on the part of the Author/Publisher to amend the story line on this book, purely for it to be turned into a best seller. 

Do I think the author predicted the current pandemic? Most definitely not. Would I recommend this book. It's an okay read but I have read much better and certainly not the quality of a normal Dean Koontz book. 

Bookalicious Travel Addict: Dark Corners by Darren O'Sullivan - Psychological ...

Bookalicious Travel Addict: Dark Corners by Darren O'Sullivan - Psychological ...: TITLE - Dark Corners AUTHOR - Darren O'Sullivan BOOK LENGTH - 400 pages Buy Link - Click  here SYNOPSIS  You thought you’d ...

Dark Corners by Darren O'Sullivan - Psychological Thriller

TITLE - Dark Corners

AUTHOR - Darren O'Sullivan

BOOK LENGTH - 400 pages

Buy Link - Click here


You thought you’d escaped your past

It’s been twenty years since Neve’s best friend Chloe went missing. Neve has never recovered and promised herself she’d never go back to that place.

But secrets can come back to haunt you

When Neve receives news that her first boyfriend Jamie has gone missing, she’s forced to return. Jamie has vanished without a trace in a disappearance that echoes the events of all those years ago. Somebody is watching and will stop at nothing until the truth about what took place that night is revealed …

Darren O'Sullivan was a new author to me, so I wasn't quite sure what to expect. All I knew was I loved a good psychological thriller and hoped that this would be one for me. 
I was not disappointed. 

The main character for the book was Neve. I instantly warmed to her as there was something vulnerable about her. After her best friend went missing when they were young, she escaped her home town saying she'd never go back. She started a new life, and eventually became a part owner in a cafe with a friend.  Her demons would not go away. Her life was becoming a mess. Strange things were happening. Then her first love Jamie went missing and she knew she had to go home. 

The Author has developed some great characters in this book. Neve definitely being my favourite. I enjoyed how the relationship between Neve and her estranged Dad was written. It was very heartwarming.

The way the book went back in time and then brought us back to the present, was very well written and it helped you to connect with all the characters. There were several characters in the book, but it never got to the stage where you were confused about who was who, due to the way it was written. 

There were so many twists and turns in the book, with a big one at the end. I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book, and recommend it to those who like psychological thrillers by Authors like Louise Jensen and Teresa Driscoll. I am now seeking out more books by this Author. 

Thank you to NetGalley for allowing me to read this in return for an honest review. 


Darren O'Sullivan is the author of #1 bestsellers, OUR LITTLE SECRET, CLOSE YOUR EYES and CLOSER THAN YOU THINK. His latest, DARK CORNERS came out April 2020.

When Darren isn't writing, he is usually rolling around on the floor, pretending to be a pirate with his 5 year old.

You can follow him on Twitter/instagram @Darrensully or on Facebook via his author page Darren O'Sullivan-author

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Pocket Book of Friendship ~ published by Trigger ~ The mental health and wellbeing publisher

TITLE - Pocket Book of Friendship ~ For when life gets tough.

PUBLISHER - Trigger Publishing - The mental health and wellbeing publisher. @TriggerPub

PAGES - 143

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SYNOPSIS - When life seems a little lonely, you can turn to the collection of inspirational quotes to bring a sense of friendship and community into your day. Filled with wisdom from some of the worlds most well-known minds, the Pocket Book of Friendship offers thoughts and advice to restore, reset and revive you, day by day. 


With all the lockdown restrictions at the moment, and the talks on TV, Media and Social Media, of hundreds of deaths, this little book was just what was needed. The quotes lift the spirit in challenging times.

Numerous quotes relating to Friendship and positive quotes from former US Presidents, Authors, Actors and other artists. Some bring a smile to your face and some put things into perspective. 

I have several favourites and some are very poignant at this time.
"What's helped me is having really good friends I know I can rely on" Drew Barrymore. This is so relevant to me at this time, with Friends doing my shopping, fetching my medication. So how true is that quote? 

"I don't feel very much like Pooh today" said Pooh. "There there" said Piglet. "I'll bring you tea and honey until you do" - Piglet (A.A Milne)

The book is small and appealing and designed with bold colours. It's a very affordable little book which is perfect as a present for a Birthday or Christmas or just a gift for a Friend. A proportion of profits from the sale of all Trigger books go to their sister charity, the Shaw Mind Foundation, founded by Adam Shaw and Lauren Callaghan. The charity aims to ensure that everyone has access to mental health resources whenever they need them.

Check out the other books in the series - Here are the links for all books:-

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Pocket Book of Happiness -

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Book Review ~ The Single Ladies of Jacaranda Retirement Village ~ Author Joanna Nell

TITLE - The Single Ladies of Jacaranda Retirement Village

AUTHOR - Joanna Nell

FORMAT - Kindle

PAGES - 368


It's never too late to grow old disgracefully...

The life of 79-year-old pensioner Peggy Smart is as beige as the décor in her retirement village. Her week revolves around aqua aerobics and appointments with her doctor. The highlight of Peggy's day is watching her neighbour Brian head out for his morning swim.

Peggy dreams of inviting the handsome widower - treasurer of the Residents' Committee and one of the few eligible men in the village - to an intimate dinner. But why would an educated man like Brian, a chartered accountant no less, look twice at Peggy? As a woman of a certain age, she fears she has become invisible, even to men in their eighties.

But a chance encounter with an old school friend she hasn't seen in five decades - the glamorous fashionista Angie Valentine - sets Peggy on an unexpected journey of self-discovery.

Can she channel her 'inner Helen Mirren' and find love and friendship in her twilight years?


This book really did make me laugh out loud and I want to grow old disgracefully just like the main character Peggy Smart. 

I wasn't really sure if this book was my kind of thing as I don't normally read humorous books, but someone had recommended it to me so I thought I'd give it a try. 

Well, I kept picturing my Nan, my Mum's Mum, as she was a fun loving lady and I can imagine her living like this if she'd gone into a retirement home. This made me smile even more. I wondered if the author herself had modeled it on people she knew.

Peggy was a hen-pecked Mother. Hen pecked by her own children, who thought she should be in a home and not in a retirement village. There are so many comical sentences in this book and I highlighted so many on my kindle to include in my review but I don't want to spoil the read for others. From her Grandchild saying that Peggy needed some marbles as his Mum said she had lost hers. Or Peggy commenting on a dirty work surface saying it was full of orgasms, instead of organisms.

I loved the way the author had developed the relationships between all the characters, from her old friend Angie to the other residents in the home. There are some fabulous people in this book. I'm sure if you read it you will be able to identify with people in your life too.

A while after reading this book, the publisher asked our local library if we would like to have a Jacaranda tea party just like the one in the book, including the Port. So we decorated the library with bunting and ate food the same as in the tea party itself. We invited a few keen readers along who had also read the book and sat and had a book discussion. It was fun. 


Joanna Nell was born in the Midlands and graduated from Oxford University with a medical degree in 1991.

In 2003 she moved to Australia where she now works as a GP with a passion for women's health and care of the elderly.

Joanna writes character-driven stories of self-discovery for women of a certain age, creating young-at-heart characters who break the rules and defy society's expectations.

She lives on Sydney's Northern Beaches with her husband and two children. THE SINGLE LADIES OF JACARANDA VILLAGE is her first novel. Her second novel is THE LAST VOYAGE OF MRS HENRY PARKER.

Book Review ~ The Tattooist of Auschwitz ~ Author Heather Morris

TITLE - The Tattooist of Auschwitz

AUTHOR - Heather Morris

FORMAT - Kindle

PAGES - 293

Buy Link - click here



For readers of Schindler's List, The Man Who Broke into Auschwitz and The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas comes a heart-breaking story of the very best of humanity in the very worst of circumstances.

I tattooed a number on her arm. She tattooed her name on my heart.

In 1942, Lale Sokolov arrived in Auschwitz-Birkenau. He was given the job of tattooing the prisoners marked for survival - scratching numbers into his fellow victims' arms in indelible ink to create what would become one of the most potent symbols of the Holocaust.

Waiting in line to be tattooed, terrified and shaking, was a young girl. For Lale - a dandy, a jack-the-lad, a bit of a chancer - it was love at first sight. And he was determined not only to survive himself, but to ensure this woman, Gita, did, too.

So begins one of the most life-affirming, courageous, unforgettable and human stories of the Holocaust: the love story of the tattooist of Auschwitz.


I have always had an interest in the subject of the Holocaust. I don't know why, but it's something I like to read about and something that I think should be talked about and shared.

I'd heard a lot about this book so had to read it. What is upsetting is that this is not a book of fiction, but based on a true story. It's harrowing but at the same time unputdownable (if that is even a word!)

It's based in 1942 around Auschwitz-Birchenhau concentration camps. The main character, the Tattooist, is Lale. He was determined to do whatever he could to survive. He did not sacrifice others along the way, and did all he could to help them, with the privileges he was given being the Tätowierer. He even fell in love, so made the best of life that he could whilst he was in the camp. 

This book is a sad read, all the more knowing these events happened. It's very rare I ever shed a tear reading a book but I have to admit having done so reading this one.

It's an important read and something that should never be allowed to happen again.


(Courtesy of the authors website)
I was born in Te Awamutu, New Zealand, a small rural town in the middle of the North Island. I had an older brother, then three more boys followed. My childhood was spent in the even smaller village of Pirongia with four generations of my family living within proximity of each other. My primary school years were spent at the local school which at that time only had a handful of classrooms. For secondary schooling I went to Te Awamutu College.
Photo by Lori Mayger 2019

An average student, according to my reports, except for commercial subjects, shorthand and typing, and sport. I was an athlete, a swimmer, played netball and tennis. And while I loved reading, devouring the Encyclopaedia Britannica where I could escape to far-away exotic lands, attempts to make me write my own stories, failed. I was told from a very young age, I could tell a good story, and growing up in a time when children where asked to be seen not heard, was enough.

In 1971 I moved to Melbourne, Australia, to escape what I considered the claustrophobic environment of having too many extended family members around me. Soon after arriving in Melbourne I met my husband to be Steve (don’t call me Stephen) Morris and we married in 1973.

In 1975 Steve and I returned to New Zealand, living in Christchurch, South Island, a reasonable distance from my hometown and family in the North Island.

Our first son was born in 1976, another son in 1980 and our daughter in 1985.

Waking up one morning I realised I had missed out on something – the extended education I secretly craved that was not offered when I left school. I commenced a B.A. degree at Canterbury University (NZ) in 1986 before moving back to Melbourne in 1987. After a year settling our family into a much bigger city, I enrolled and completed my B.A. at Monash University in 1991. I majored in Political Science.

In 1995 I began work in the Social Work Department at Monash Medical Centre in Melbourne where I stayed until 2017.

During this period, I watched our three children grow into amazing adults. I was involved in their sport and at the age of forty-five became a competitive Veteran athlete, primarily taking part in the various ‘throwing’ competitions. Shot-put, discus, javelin and my favourite, hammer throwing. I never stopped telling stories, or as my husband called them – long-winded tales.

In 1996 I decided to follow my passion for storytelling and enrolled in The Professional Scriptwriting Course through the Australian College of Journalism.

I went on to attend many screenwriting courses, seminars and workshops in both Australia and the U.S. My workplace provided me with a wealth of heroic storylines, several of which I adapted into screenplays that now line the bottom drawer of my desk.

And then I met Lale Sokolov.

Book Review ~ Let it Snow ~ Author #SueMoorcroft

TITLE - Let it Snow

AUTHOR - Sue Moorcroft

FORMAT - Kindle

PAGES - 378

Buy Link - Click here


This Christmas, the villagers of Middledip are off on a very Swiss adventure…

Family means everything to Lily Cortez and her sister Zinnia, and growing up in their non-conventional family unit, they and their two mums couldn’t have been closer.

So it’s a bolt out of the blue when Lily finds her father wasn’t the anonymous one-night stand she’d always believed – and is in fact the result of her mum's reckless affair with a married man.

Confused, but determined to discover her true roots, Lily sets out to find the family she’s never known; an adventure that takes her from the frosted, thatched cottages of Middledip to the snow-capped mountains of Switzerland, via a memorable romantic encounter along the way…

The Sunday Times bestseller returns with a gloriously cosy read, perfect for fans of Katie Fforde, Trisha Ashley and Carole Matthews


I know I've said it before, but when you pick up a Sue Moorcroft book you just know that you're in for a lovely, cosy and chilled bit of reading time. So sit back with a cup of coffee and enjoy the ride.

This book takes us back to Middledip; the village where many of Sues books are set, and a place where I feel as if I have already visited it myself. From Middledip you are then taken on a wonderful trip to Switzerland. Now this is a place that has long been on my bucket list, and this book only enhanced my dream of going there. It is full of wonderful picturesque scenery, lots of snow, Christmas markets and Cuckoo Clocks! It is so beautifully described and the style of Sue's writing makes you believe it is somewhere you have been to.

A cosy Christmas read would be nothing without a strong central character. In this book it is Lily. There are some other great characters in this book; Zinnia her Sister, who to me can appear interfering. Then there's her unconventional Parents in the form of two Mothers Patsie and Roma.

Lily's life is anything but straightforward. She is fleeing her broken marriage and seeks advice from her Mother who it turns out has been hiding a big secret that Lily has other siblings, from an affair she had several years ago. One of her siblings lives in Switzerland and when she gets the chance to travel there to sing at the Christmas Markets with the Town Choir, she jumps at the idea. This may lead her to her half siblings and enable her to see them and tell them she is their Sister.

Things don't always go to plan and this book is anything but unpredictable. Throw a handsome man into the mix in the shape of Isaac and you have perfection. 

I couldn't put this book down. Wonderful landscapes; Romance; great characters; brilliant story line. What more could you want? It's another 5 star read from me. 


Sue Moorcroft is a Sunday Times bestselling author, an international bestselling author and has held the #1 spot in the UK Kindle chart. She writes contemporary fiction with sometimes unexpected themes.

Sue has won a Best Romantic Read Award, received two nominations at the Romantic Novel
of the Year Awards and is a Katie Fforde Bursary winner. Her short stories, serials, articles, columns, courses and writing 'how to' have sold around the world.

An army child, Sue was born in Germany then lived in Cyprus, Malta and the UK. She's worked in a bank, as a bookkeeper (probably a mistake), as a copytaker for Motor Cycle News and for a digital prepress. She's pleased to have now wriggled out of all 'proper jobs'.

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Twitter: @suemoorcroft
Facebook: sue.moorcroft.3 and
Instagram: suemoorcroftauthor

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Book Tour ~ The Last Romanov by Jill Amy Rosenblatt ~ Suspense Thriller ~ #Giveaway

The Fixer: The Last Romanov by Jill Amy Rosenblatt Banner


The Fixer:

The Last Romanov

by Jill Amy Rosenblatt

on Tour October 21 - November 23, 2019


The Last Romanov by Jill Amy Rosenblatt
"My name is Katerina Mills. Make sure I disappear."

Katerina Mills is getting out . . .

Desperate to escape a psychotic former client, a vengeful mobster, and a dirty DEA agent, professional "fixer" Kat Mills is ready to drop out and disappear.

She doesn't trust her employer, the shadowy MJM Consulting, but Katerina can't say no to one last job for the biggest score yet, enough money to get lost for good... until the client asks the impossible...

Dmitry Zilinsky claims he is a direct descendant of Russia's last Tsar, Nicholas II, and he demands Katerina steal the item that will prove it.

Kat must get the job done or she can't make her escape. But when professional thief Alexander Winter reappears in her life, Katerina Mills faces a new choice: go it alone or risk everything to be with the one person she doesn't want to live without?

Book Details:

Genre: Suspense, Thriller
Published by: Jill Amy Rosenblatt
Publication Date: October 22, 2019
Number of Pages: 692
ISBN: 978-1-7332560-0-1
Series: The Fixer #3
Purchase Links: Amazon, Goodreads

Read an excerpt:

Katerina Mills sat in the silver Honda Civic, peering through the lenses of the binoculars. The factory parking lot loomed larger as she watched the first shift employees filing out, heads bowing to brace against the frigid Vermont winds, and dashing to their cars.
Katerina knew every inch of the toy factory her father had managed. In high school, she had helped out after classes, typing, filing, and bookkeeping. Following graduation and while caring for William Mills through his bout of cancer, Kat worked a few hours a day and carried paperwork back and forth to her father at home.
Can you keep an eye on things for your old man?
Bullshit, Kat thought. It was time to find out the truth.
Kat snapped out of her thoughts as Richie Calico emerged. She watched him turn up the collar of his jacket as he hustled toward a shiny, red Dodge Durango. Kat knew Richie as a third-generation, blue-collar working stiff, always looking for an angle and an easy buck.
That looks new, Kat thought as she sharpened the binoculars on the Durango.
Richie’s head swiveled back and forth as he hurried to the SUV.
That’s not the confident man I remember strolling up to my desk with a singsong “Kat-a-reeena.”
As if we shared a secret.
Richie slid into the Durango, revved the engine, and took off, speeding out of the lot.
Time to spill your secrets, Richie.
Kat put the Civic in gear.
Katerina watched Richie pull into a strip mall, park in front of a run-down pub, and get out. She followed, parking in the back of the lot and cutting the engine.
Leaning forward, Kat wrapped her arms around the wheel. I have to go in. I need him to fill in the blanks. How do I get in and out without being noticed? Steal in and out. Like a thief.
She sighed. It had been a little more than two months since her first B and E. Alexander Winter, “Bob,” and “Professor,” to Kat, a good man and an expert thief, had walked her through it and brought her out. He would know what to do. She closed her eyes, the familiar ache of missing him threatening to overwhelm her.
Not now, Katerina thought, opening her eyes and forcing herself to return to the business at hand. There’s a reason Richie is looking over his shoulder. Remember what Winter taught you, she thought. Once you go in, you give yourself five minutes. Every minute you linger, your risk of getting caught rises.
Scanning the lot one more time, she flipped the fur lined hood over her chestnut hair, opened the door, and got out.
Slipping in through the back door, Katerina stepped into the shrouded gloom of the deserted dive bar. She came up behind Richie as he slouched in a booth, drinking alone.
Suddenly, Richie’s eyes shot up from his Coors and he jolted at the presence of a person looming over him. Shifting to face him, Kat brushed her hood back and watched his eyes grow wide. He gaped at her as she slid into the booth.
“Katerina,” Richie said, his Adam’s apple bobbing as he swallowed hard. “Uh . . . Merry Christmas, Happy New Year . . . when did you get home?”
“Hi Richie,” Kat said. “How’s the heroin business?”
Excerpt from The Last Romanov by Jill Amy Rosenblatt. Copyright 2019 by Jill Amy Rosenblatt. Reproduced with permission from Jill Amy Rosenblatt. All rights reserved.

 Author Bio:
Jill Amy Rosenblatt
Jill Amy Rosenblatt is the author of The Fixer (Katerina Mills) series. The Last Romanov is the third book in the series. Book 2, The Killing Kind, was the 2017 Beverly Hills Book Award Winner for Suspense. She previously published Project Jennifer and For Better or Worse through Kensington Press. She earned her Bachelor of Arts in Writing and Literature and her Masters Degree in Literature and Creative Writing from Burlington College in Vermont. She lives on Long Island and is currently at work on book four of The Fixer series, The Good Criminal.

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