About me

My name is Lisa and I am a Full time Civil Servant. I love my job although it's very demanding and I work up to 60hrs in a week.

My love of reading was born before I went to school. My parents read with me all the time and taught me to read before I even started school. This is where my love affair with books began. Whenever my Dad went away with work, he came back with a book for me. Weekly trips to the library happened too. My Mum is still an avid reader and reads a lot more and a lot quicker than I do. If only I could get her into doing book reviews!

I have joined many sites on the internet and taken part in many forums, based solely around books. These include readitswapit. This is a great site to swap books with fellow book lovers and all it costs each party is the postage. I am also a member of Goodreads and BookCrossing. See my resources tab for all the links. I try to leave reviews on all books I read.

I am a lover of paperbacks and my kindle, and still read from both. I use Smashwords, Amazon and NetGalley for my Kindle books. I still love to visit the library too. Basically anywhere there is books, I'm there. I went to London for the weekend with my husband and visited Waterstones in Picadilly, which was on five floors. I could have spent all day in there!

This blog will reflect my love of books of all genres. Some of the books I read and review will
Kindle reading on a cruise
 be by unknown or new authors. I try to encourage people to broaden their reading minds and not stick to the same authors.  There are a bevy of authors out there that are not well known and every bit as good as the bestselling authors. All they need is the publicity.
I love to review books and review them on Amazon, Goodreads, NetGalley, and link them to my Twitter and Facebook account. I review both paperback/hardback and e-books.

I encourage you to leave your comments on all books reviewed, be they positive or negative.

Olu Deniz, Turkey
My blog is also about travel. These are my two favourite pastimes, hence my blog name. I have been lucky enough to have been a travel agent for 20 years, prior to being a civil servant, and throughout that time I travelled the world. I have been to many countries and islands in Europe; several states in the USA; Barbados; Australia; Far East; Mauritius; Cruising.

My husband and I try to take at least two or three holidays a year and in between holidays, we go for weekends away or nights away going to see musical theatre or concerts. So I will tell you my travel tales too. I'd also like to hear about your travel adventures if you are happy to share them on my blog.

I am available for holiday advice too! lol.

Contact me by e-mail, Facebook Twitter, LinkedIn or via my blog.
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