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I take part in many blog tours in order to help promote books for publishers or authors. I don't always feature a review but maybe a showcase or cover reveal. The tours below are ones where I didn't partake in a review. For those with reviews see under Book Reviews. 

These are the blog tours I have taken part in from 2014 onwards. For those prior to that I have not documented them below as there were too many of them and it would have taken me hours to catch up! :-

Meredith Allard -- Her Loving Husbands Curse
Kate Allan -- Mary Bennet
Nancy Allen -- The Code of the Hills

Carey Baldwin -- Confession
Carey Baldwin -- Stolen
Aileen Baron -- A Fly Has a Hundred Eyes
Maxine Barry -- Imposters in Paradise
Stephen Booth -- Secrets of Death
Melissa Bourbon -- A Killing Notion
Frances Brody -- Murder in the Afternoon
Eric Bronson -- King of Rags
Laura Brown -- Friends With Benefits Zone
Sheryl Browne -- After She's Gone
David Burnsworth -- Southern Heat

Louise Caiola -- The Making of Nebraska Brown
Emma Calin -- Shannons Law
Ellie Campbell -- To Catch a Creeper
P M Carlson -- Bad Blood
Demelza Carlton -- Ocean's Infiltrator
Rachel Cartan - 336 hours
L K Chapman -- The Stories She Tells
Fran Clarke -- Holding Paradise
Lissa M Cowan -- Milk Fever

Gerard R. D'Alessio -- Dr. Cappeletti's Chorus
Keith Dixon -- One Punch

Aven Harris -- Waiting for Prince Harry
M T Ellis - Azrael

David Flynn -- The Whisper Man
Blood From Stone -- Frances Fyfield
Frances Fyfield -- Lets Dance
Frances Fyfield -- Deep Sleep

Giacomo Giammatteo - Whiskers and Bear (Non-fiction)
Jessica Gilmore -- The Return of Mrs Jones
Cassandra Giovanni -- Flawed Perfection
John Goodale -- Johnny Gora
Joshua Graham -- Beyond Justice
Alex Gray -- Pitch Black
Alex Gray -- Glasgow Kiss
Christopher Gray -- There be Goblins in the Wood (Young Adult)
Christopher Grey -- Will Shakespeare & The Ships of Solomon

Ruthie Henrick -- Twice in a Lifetime
Faith Hogan -- Secrets we Keep
Sharn Hutton -- It's Killing Jerry


Alison Jack -- Dory's Avenger
Daisy James -- There's Something about Cornwall
Erika Janik -- Pistols and Petticoats

Jackie Kabler -- Dead Dog Day

Susan Kandel -- Dream A Little Death
Andrea Kane -- My Hearts Desire
Hughes Keenan -- Saigon Laundry
Tom Kempinski -- I Want Your Body Candy Starr
Sophie King -- Your Place or Mine
J F Kirwan -- 66 Metres

Preston Lang -- The Carrier
Melissa Lendhart -- Stillwater
Jennifer Lesher -- Raising John
Jeff Lindsay -- Tropical Depression
K L Loveley - Alice
K L Loveley -- Love Secrets & Absolution

Grace Macdonald -- The Ruby Ring
Gilly Macmillan -- What she Knew
Dakota Madison -- After Alex Died
Steven Manchester -- Ashes
Helaine Mario -- The Lost Concerto
Greg Messel - Fog City Strangler
Brian McGilloway -- Little Girl Lost
Brian McGilloway -- Bad Blood
Alistair McGuinness -- Around the Bend
Richard Montanari -- Echo Man
Peter Murphy -- Calling Down The Storm


One Punch -- Keith Dixon

Landon Parham -- First Night of Summer
Cheryl Persons -- Following Your Heart
M J Pullen -- The Marriage Pact Series

Matthew Quinn-Martin -- Nightlife

Lynda Renham -- Her Series of Amusing Books
Hayley Rose -- The Do's and Don'ts (childrens book)
Monique Roy -- Across Great Divides
Leigh Russell -- Dead End
Leigh Russell -- Deadly Alibi

Javier Marquez Sanchez -- Lethal as a Charlie Parker Solo
Greg Sandora -- Jack Canon's Women of the House
Michael Allan Scott -- Dark Side Sunset Pointe
Daniel Seltzer -- Leviticus
Arabella Sheraton -- Regency Romances
LaDonna Smith -- The Money Tree (Childrens book)
Olga Soaje -- Twelve Houses
Dave Stanton -- Dark Ice
PC Surname -- Upholding Law and Order

Bryan Taylor -- The Three Sisters
A K Turner -- Hair of the Corn Dog



A J Waines -- Lost in the Lake
Andra Watkins -- To Live Forever: An Afterlife Journey of Meriwether Lewis
Dee Wilber -- Justice Perverted
Ron Standerfer -- The Eagles Last Flight
C Y Wyss -- Eyeshine


Christopher Zoukis & Dr. Randall Radic -- Directory of Federal Prisons (non-fiction)

I am currently working with the following companies:-

Partners in Crime Book Tours

Providence Book Tours

Anne Cater Book Tours

Beck Valley Book Tours

Brook Cottage Books

Harper Collins

Harper Impulse

Joffe Books

Le French Books


Various Authors and Publishers.

I am happy to take part in blog tours to help promote books that I feel comfortable promoting. Please see my Review Policy for those genres I am interested in. 

Please contact me via my blog or Facebook page. Blog Tours

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