Review Policy

Currently I am unable to review any books due to current commitments. I am however happy to take on showcases; Q&A's; Interviews etc.


I am happy to receive a book either by e-book; arc or paperback.

I enjoy the follow genres:

Chic Lit

Romantic Fiction

Crime Thrillers

Police Procedurals

Time Slip Novels

Historical Fiction


Travel Fiction

Travel Non-Fiction

I am not interested in the following genres:

Science Fiction




Graphic Novels

Any Unsolicited copies of your books will not be guaranteed a review. 

If you have a publication date or promotional date and you need a book reviewing by then, If I cannot review for that date I will tell you.

I will only review books that in my honest opinion are worthy of a 3-5 star. If I feel your book does not fulfill that, I would contact you privately and give you my constructive criticism and would only publish the review then at your request.

My Reviews are published on Amazon UK (and US if you are overseas); Goodreads; My blog; Social Media (Facebook; Twitter; Instagram). If you would like the book review adding anywhere else e.g. Waterstones; Barnes and Noble then please let me know.

Once I have read your book, I will never sell it, but I may use it as a giveaway on my blog or Goodreads (after the publication date of course). I also give books to family and friends, or donate to the local Air Ambulance charity shop.

If after reading this you are interested in a book review or Q&A etc, then please contact me either via my blog or on my Facebook page

My Star Ratings

3 stars - Good but had it's faults

4 stars - I enjoyed it and recommend it.

5 stars - Thoroughly enjoyed it. Highly recommended