Friday, 6 January 2012

Book Review -- Wisdom Gone Wrong - Christine Ann Hare

Title:- Wisdom Gone Wrong

Author:- Christine Ann Hare

Publisher:- Dorrance Publishing

This is a short book of 26 short poems? which have a moral at the end of them.
One of them is called Bart the Fart. The poem itself is just a few lines long and followed up with a moral at the end. This one being "If you really want to keep and not chase away friends, just use a smile but not your rear end" Not very inspiring.

I am unsure of the age range the author is aiming this book at. I found it quite immature as if it was either written by or written for a younger audience. I think that some of them were supposed to be quite humourous but unfortunately they failed to humour me. I am just hoping that the author is aiming it at young adults as I don't think it will really appeal to an older audience due to the standard of writing and the humour. I'm sorry but this book was not for me.

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My rating 2/5