Thursday, 12 January 2012

Book Review -- 13 Little Blue Envelopes -- Maureen Johnson

Title - 13 Little Blue Envelopes

Author - Maureen Johnson

Format - Kindle

This book suited me down to the ground as it involves my love of travel.

17 year old Virginia (Ginger, Ginny, Gin) has been left a series of letters from her Aunt Peg to whom Ginny was extremely close. Ginny was a quiet and shy girl but just changed when she was with her Aunt Peg who was so unlike Ginny's own mother who was settled and practical. Peg was a free spirit who ran off to New York as soon as she graduated. She loved paintings and majored in art. Ginny used to love going to spend time with her in New York. Then Peg just disappeared. The family would get postcards which were sent from all over Europe but no explanation as to why.

Ginny received a letter, letter #1, from her Aunt Peg with some specific instructions to follow. She had included money in the envelope for Ginny to book a ticket to London, money for a passport and a backpack. She was told she could only take what would fit in the backpack. She was not to take any guidebooks or money and no cell phone or laptop or camera. She was then told to go to a chinese restaurant under Peg's old apartment to collect something. Once there she was given a package that contained a collection of blue envelopes all marked with numbers. Number 2 told her to open it on the plane and there the adventure begins. An adventure that would take her all over Europe and meeting a variety of wonderful people.

This book was just perfect for me. I had been to nearly all of the places that Ginny visited on her adventure and the description of the destinations brought the destinations and the book alive. I loved the way the author brought Ginny out of her shell, making her do things she would never have done before without the guidance of Aunt Peg. This reminded me of my younger self when I first became a travel agent. Travelling brought me out of my shell too and gave me much more confidence. I would have loved to have undertaken this adventure with Ginny! I have read some reviews where comments were made about some of the tasks being impossible, but knowing the locations she visited I beg to differ.

I loved some of the characters she met along the way, and grew to love Aunt Peg and the thought she had put into each letter to Ginny. I just wanted the book to carry on, and include the next chapter in Ginny's life.

I really recommend this if you want a light hearted, warm read, that will take you on an adventure all over Europe. An adventure that will change Ginny's life forever.

My rating 5/5 - Great fun read!