Friday, 23 December 2011

Book Review -- Chill Run by Russell Brooks

Title: - Chill Run

Author:- Russell Brooks

Edition:- Kindle edition

This is the story of Eddie, a struggling author who lives in Montreal. A struggling author who is desperate for his work to become known. His father doesn't support him in his venture and thinks he should get a proper job, so this causes a lot of conflict within his family. Things go from bad to worse when his girlfriend leaves him and he loses his job. Life cannot get any worse ........ or can it?

He lives with his friend Corey, who's lifestyle is what you might call chaotic, and Eddie is always chasing him for his rent money. Along with Corey's girlfriend Jordyn, who works in a bar, Corey comes up with an idea that could potentially get Eddies name well known and help with his book sales, by trying to persuade him to get involved in something scandalous. Sounds like a good plan, until someone gets murdered and Eddie ends up on the run, helped by Corey and Jordyn. He is running from both law enforcement and the people actually involved in the murder.  

The threesome try to prove Eddies innocence whilst also trying to avoid the killer.

I absolutely LOVED this book. I think it is one of the best Kindle books I have read from a less well known author. I loved the fast pace of the book, and the way it kept you guessing. I didn't want to put it down. It is very well written, albeit with some typos, with well described characters and a great story line. The way the author wrote the relationship between the main characters was well done too, and quite humourous in places.
It was a great ending and without giving spoilers, quite unexpected.

Yes there were problems with some of the editing, and it needs a good proof reader on it. There may also have been some errors in the French interpretations in places as , but most English speaking readers would not really notice. I certainly wouldn't lessen my rating because of it.

If Mr Brooks continues to write books like this, then I for one, would definately be buying them.

The author provided me with this book to review. I confirm that the rating and the review itself are entirely my own opinion and not in anyway influenced by the author himself.

At the time of writing this, the kindle version is only 86p on, and it would be well worth the purchase.

My Rating 5/5