Friday, 23 December 2011

Book Review - The Boy Scout - James Brockett

Title -- The Boy Scout

Author -- James Brockett

Edition -- Kindle edition

This is the story of 13yr old Jimmy and his friend Kirk. Both boys are in the Boy Scouts and embark on a camping adventure with the scouts. They are laden down with all their warm clothes, snow shoes and ski poles. Everything you're likely to need for a camping adventure. This adventure turns into more than your regular Boy Scout camp, when they are whisked off by winged creatures and carried to a parallel world, where they are met with both good and evil.

It's a tale of two hormonal teenagers, mystical creatures with wings and carnivorous ravens. A real fantasy world.

It is not my normal genre of book, although I have read some of the Maximum Ride books by James Patterson. I would say the book is of the same ilk as these books, although Patterson is obviously a master story teller.

The author stated that he had initially aimed the book at adults, however after reading it I feel it should be aimed at the teen market.

It is a well written book, and the author obviously has a very vivid imagination as the fantasy scenes are very descriptive, and the characters well written in that you can picture them. I did feel that some of the scenes were a bit laboured and went on some, but this did not detract from the overall enjoyment of the book.

This proof book was provided to me by the author without charge, however the review and opinion is entirely my own.

My rating 3/5

Please don't be put off my 3* rating of this book. The usual interpretation of 3* is "I like it". I think those who really enjoy this genre of book would rate it a lot higher.