Saturday, 29 October 2011

Countdown to Texas!

Well I am now on countdown to my next wonderful trip overseas. I am off to stay with my good friend in Burleson, Texas.  I have been a few times before, both in my "previous life" and my "current life". It shows what good friends we have become as she is actually the Cousin of my ex-partner of 14 years. We hit it off straight away as soon as we met, despite her being a few years older than me. When my relationship fell apart her and her family welcomed me with open arms and I took my Mum over there to stay for a couple of weeks.

My great American friends.

Since then, I met and married my Husband, and again we were welcomed with open arms and treated like one of the family. Our last visit was in 2009, with us postponing our trip last year due to the airline threatening industrial action. We always fly with American Airlines due to their fantastic service to Dallas Fort Worth.

So in less than 2 weeks we will be stretching ourselves out on the flight and heading towards good ol' USofA... I can't wait.

We have our luggage at the ready, with one of the cases being full of English chocolate. We have a list of what is required including Walnut Whips. I always think this is a good idea as it leaves a case left empty for me to fill with new clothes! Oh and Christmas presents as the shopping is cheaper in the US than the UK.

                                                                                                                    So my biggest decision to make now is not what clothes I need to take with me, or which perfume or toiletries I need, Its "How many books and which books, do I need to load onto my kindle!" So that is my next task! Any light hearted reads you can recommend? Think I'll be heading to Choc Lit publishing to see what wonderful books they may have to offer, since I am so hooked on Sue Moorcroft books. Who are your favourites to take with you when you go on holiday?