Monday, 31 October 2011

Book Review -- Adopt is a powerful word: How I found my real family - Sandra Kanak

Title:- Adopt is a Powerful Word:How I found my real family
Author:- Sandra Kanak
Edition:- Kindle edition
Publisher:- Dorrance publishing
I was looking at books on adoption for some research. This book was published by Dorrance Publishing and I thought I would have to give it a try. I was more than pleased! This book is not only about how the author herself was in foster care for two years before being adopted at 7, but about a whole lot more.

The author spent many years going through records, books, letters and family memoirs, trying to piece together her family history, and trace her birth parents and some of her siblings. It makes it a most fascinating read. There are stories of how her relatives struggled and came through the War. There is the fascinating story of how one of her relatives became a newspaper magnate in the UK and became one of the first newspaper tycoons to offer giveaways in his paper, increasing it's circulation. There is the moving story of another family member who helped transport numerous Jewish children from overseas to a place of safety, during the war. He committed some heroic feats.

There is so much else that happened in this book that I would hate to put it all down in a review in case of it becoming a spoiler. All the while the author is telling the wonderful tales of her birth family and adopted family and including photos and copies of interesting documents and paper cuttings.

At the same time, she is telling of all the efforts she went to in order to trace two of her siblings and her birth parents. She had amazing adopted parents and this come's across really well in the book. You can tell by her writing the love and admiration she had for her adopted parents.
Her initial upbringing with her birth parents is a sad tale so it is good that some joy came into her life. This book provides lhappiness and tears.

For a book that does not have several hundred pages, this author has packed so much factual and interesting information into the book. I got so much more than I was expecting from this book, making it a wonderful memoir and history book all in one. 

My review 5/5

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  1. Wow! This sounds like such an interesting book. Reading from someone who went through foster care, adoption, and a search for their biological family this book must be an emotional journey. Thanks for the recommendation!



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