Saturday, 29 October 2011

Book Review -- Love and Freedom - Sue Moorcroft

Title:-  Love and Freedom

Author:- Sue Moorcroft

Publisher:- Choc Lit Publishing

Format:- Paperback

Honor leaves her home in America, following an incident which left her career in ruins. She leaves her family behind without telling them where she is going.

She decides to go to England and visit Rottingdean near Brighton on the South Coast, to find her birth mother and just escape from her everyday life and problems.

Renting a beautiful house by the sea, she tries to find herself a little job. She becomes friends with Clarissa her landlady, and her family, including her gorgeous brother Martyn. I would love to know who the author modelled him on!

Honor soon immerses herself into the local way of life, enjoying runs along the beach and the quaint antique shops.

Martyn, also loves running and soon becomes attracted to Honor and her quirky American ways and her athletic toned body.

Secrets soon come spilling out which will change the paths of many forever.


I thoroughly enjoyed this light-hearted and warming read. I loved the way that all the lives of the characters were entwined, and the way the author formed the relationships between all the characters.

The book was well written and very descriptive. I love a book where you can actually picture the characters easily as it helps me form the story better in my mind. If I can't connect with the characters I tend to give up easily!

There were many light hearted moments in the book, and I absolutely loved the way the author used the quirkiness of the English language, where many things are lost in Translation.

       "No tan lines! Good boy. Been sunbathing in the nuddy?"
      "Whats the nuddy?"

If you are one of my American friends and you don't know what this means, you really do need to read the book and all will become clear.

I didn't want to put this book down and read it in two settings. This is now the second Sue Moorcroft book I've read and I'll certainly read all the others without hesitation.

If you want a book that's not heavy and will leave you with a smile on your face, then I definately recommend this!

My review rating 5/5