Saturday, 1 October 2011

Book Review - The Secrets between us - Louise Douglas

Title:- The Secrets Between Us

Author:- Louise Douglas

Publisher:- Transworld Publishers

Format:- Large Paperback

"I'm part of the Transworld Book Group & this book was provided courtesy of Transworld Publishers" I have not been paid for my review and the opinion and review is entirely my own.

I have to be honest, I had never heard of Louise Douglas before, but the synopsis on this book really intrigued me.

It is about Alex and Sarah. They meet in Sicily where Sarah is on holiday with her Sister and Brother in Law. She has gone to escape a broken relationship and a recent loss. She meets Alex there with his son Jamie and befriends Jamie whilst spending time by the hotel pool. She discovers that Alex is a single parent as his wife Genevieve walked out on him.

After their time in Sicily and after striking up a good friendship, Sarah agrees to go back to Burrington Stoke with Alex and become his housekeeper. Her family are not really happy with the situation but Sarah needs a new start. When she gets back to the village she realises that there are lots of rumours about why Alex's wife Genevieve left, with Genevieve's family convinced that Alex is hiding something. They seemed to have everything. A wonderful house, money and a successful marriage so why would she leave. Sarah experiences some hostility from the villagers, as rumours fly.

I found this book really intriguing and couldn't put it down. I loved the way the characters were written, and felt they were very descriptive and the writing brought them to life. The plot lines were excellent and kept you guessing page and page, right until the very end.  The way the author described the emotions of all the characters added to the intrigue of the book. Just when you think you know which way the story is going to go, it goes in another direction. It really was a great read and I hightly recommend it. I will certainly be looking up more books by Louise Douglas. Thorougly absorbing.

My review 5/5