Saturday, 1 October 2011

Book Review -- Who Wants to Know A Secret? -- Sue Moorcroft

Title:- Want to Know A Secret?

Author:- Sue Moorcroft

Publishers:- Choc-lit

Format:- Paperback

This book was given to me to review by Choc-Lit publishing. I was not paid for my review and the opinions are entirely my own.

Normally if I was in a book shop, I would avoid this genre I am ashamed to say. No more! I loved this book.

Diana Jenner gets a visit from the Police to say that her husband has been injured in a helicopter crash. She tells them they must have the wrong person as her husband wouldn't be in a helicopter. She is shocked when they confirm that it is her husband. She then discovers that he has been hiding a big secret from her and their daughter Bryony. How many other lies has he told? How many other secrets is he hiding? They are not very well off and she is shocked when she finds out that the lies involve a lot of money.

Diane then meets James North, whilst uncovering many other lies. He has lots of money but also an alcoholic wife who is draining the life out of him. His chance meeting with Diane turns things upside down when they fall for each other.

This is a story of secrets and lies; love and hate; bitterness and intrigue.

Who could believe that chic-lit books could be such a good read? Not me! I couldn't put this down and read it in two days, which is almost a record for me. I loved how all the lies unfolded and how the families lives weaved themselves. The relationships that were formed throughout the book were intriguing.

I knew how I wanted the book to end, but couldn't see it going that way at all, as too many people were getting in the way. There were a lot of characters involved in this book, but unlike other books I have read recently, this didn't put me off and I managed to picture each of these characters in my mind, due to the way the author described them.

I loved how the story came together and enjoyed the intrigue and the way the lies unfolded. I will certainly be reading more of Sue Moorcrofts books, and will never again say never to chic-lit style books. A thoroughly enjoyable read and a book I would read again. I can't wait to share this!

Book rating 5/5