Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Book Review -- Confessions of a Call Centre Gal -- Lisa Lim

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Title: Confessions of a Call Centre Gal

Author: Lisa Lim

Store: Amazon

This is not my usual genre of book but the author invited me to review it for her.

This tells of the life and loves of Maddison (Maddy) and Karrsyn (Kars)who are friends, well most of the time.

They both find themselves working in a call centre, which is not their ideal job. They work with some very different and mostly amusing characters and a supervisor who is quite fearce. Maddy hankers after her colleague Mika and ends up helping him improve his grasp of the English language by introducing him to decent works of fiction.

The story has many laughs along the way, and working in a call center like I do now, I can understand their talk of the "not ready" button, and how heavily supervisors monitor it. Maddy talks about her 8 hour shifts, speaking to some rather rude people, who she handles expertly.

I did feel that some of the calls Maddy spoke about were a bit too detailed and laboured and she rambled on a bit. I found myself getting bored in parts and quickly flicking through the pages.

For me there was just not enough substance and the book didn't grip me enough to keep my interest. Nevertheless it is a light hearted book and for those lovers of chic-lit you may well thoroughly enjoy it, as many others have.

My rating 3/5