Wednesday, 27 July 2011

I've been surprised by unknown authors.

My husband bought my kindle for me in January for my birthday. Like anyone who has a kindle knows, you get carried away "buying" free books from Amazon, by completely unknown authors. Probably thinking, "well they won't be much good, but they're free!"

Well I have been really surprised! I have been introduced to authors which I didn't know existed, like Conrad Jones. Know I love his books and try and read as many as I can. Along with Stephen Leather. They may be well know authors to some, but I had never heard of them, and now really enjoy them.

I've been introduced to Jeff Lee (interview coming soon), and Simon Gould. Again books that I couldn't put down. Okay I had to pay for them, but they were only 99p. Where can you get such good entertainment for several hours for 99p?

I have read more than ever before, and now read everywhere. Just try and stop me. I have gone from reading just Danielle Steel, James Patterson and Jodi Picoult, to any book that looks interesting. It hasn't stopped me buying paperbacks or hardbacks, having purchased 4 this week! I often look at my bookshelf and wonder if I will ever get through all of the books! I hope so.

Have your reading interests changed over the years or do you stick with the same authors or same genres all the time? I still prefer crime and thriller novels, and apart from the Twilight series, I'm not much into vampire type books or modern chic lit, but I will try most others. Would like to hear your thoughts