Monday, 1 August 2011

Book Review -- The Viper Trail -- Simon Gould

Title - Viper Trail

Author - Simon Gould

Kindle edition

This was the second book in the series; a follow up to "Playing the Game". Although it is a follow up you could still probably read it on it's own, but I think reading the first one helps with the history behind the characters and their relationships.

This is about LA Detective Patton, who is on the hunt of not one, but what turns out to be two serial killers. The good gone bad! The trail takes him from LA to Washington DC, where he becomes the lead Detective in charge of the hunt. He also finds out that an old enemy is once again involved, and he has to make sure his family is protected.

The story involves a well written plot, some great characters and many twists and turns. Just when you think you've sussed it all out, it takes you down a different path. I love books like this!

I was however a little disappointed with the ending, as I wanted the book to keep going. I am sure that the 3rd book in the series will continue the story in some way and provide us with even more thrills.

If you love James Patterson, Andrew Gross type books, then you will love this.

My rating 5/5. 

n.b. I purchased this book from Amazon and was thrilled to see that the author has actually mentioned me by name as one of the characters! See my facebook name and that is the character in the book. I thought he was joking and was thrilled when I realised I was in it!