Thursday, 7 July 2011

Book Review -- Not easily washed away - Anon beauty & Brian Arthur Levene

 TITLE - Not easily washed away - Memoirs of a Muslim's Daughter

AUTHOR - Anon Beauty & Brian Arthur Lavene 

PUBLISHER - Gully Gods Publishing

Available in paperback or kindle form.
This book was given to me by the author and publisher, but I was not paid in any part for my review and the words are all my own.

I had heard some negative comments about this book and decided to ignore those and find out for myself. There are a lot of books about "abuse" on the market and often you read some of them and they tend to be so similar you wonder if they are all true. I had no doubts with this one whatsoever and I was not disappointed in the slightest with this book. It was totally different from others that I had read, in that the narrator of the book came from Pakistan and was a muslim, as was the offender.

I really liked the main "character" who was telling her story, and felt for her throughout the book. Some decisions she made really made me think that she must be in a really dark place to think that she needed to constantly do what was being asked of her. Especially as she reached her late teens. Who knows how they would feel in that same situation?

When she went to the US I thought that maybe things would change for her, but she still suffered the most cruelest abuse. You hear many abuse stories in the Christian and Catholic faiths, and common sense tells you it would not be restricted to just these two faiths, but this was from the Muslim faith which is rarely documented. It shows that there are abusers all over the world who carry on their sick acts behind closed doors, hidden from those who think they know them best.

I thought this was well written, graphic in parts maybe, but this lent to the book and needed to be told.

I truly hope that "anon beauty" can somehow go on and enjoy a better life, and put her sadistic abuser to the back of her mind.