Wednesday, 20 July 2011

I've missed my blogging

Life is so busy at times and it runs away with you. My blogging is my solace and I have missed it. Even my book reading has taken a slide which is very unusual for me. Time has not been my own.

 My Father was taken ill and has had to spend some time in hospital, so I was visiting every day. He did not feel ill and couldn't understand why he had to stay there. His blood level was too high (he has chronic kidney failure) and they needed to get it down. They altered his medication, that is supposed to make him better, as they think it was that causing the problem. I hope they've sorted it now as Mum and Dad are off on a cruise next week!

Work has been getting in the way too! Working for the Police our government have kindly made cuts which is affecting all Police Forces. Cuts are being made by people who have no idea how a Police force runs and it's affecting everyone. Staff have left and not been replaced. Others are off with work related stress, so those left behind are having to do overtime to cover it. I don't normally do overtime as I enjoy life too much to spend it all at work, but you feel pressured into doing it to help your colleagues out.  Well now I have some days off so I'm going to enjoy myself and do things for me.

I am off to London tomorrow with my Mum to watch the recording of the TV show "Loose Women". then we'll go for a pub lunch and then on a DUKW tour of London, on the old war amphibious vehicle that takes you on water and land. I'm really looking forward to it. We're going on a coach full of women, and leaving our men behind. Should be fun!

On Friday we are off to an outdoor theatre at a smart hotel called "Kilworth House"  near Lutterworth, UK. The act is a TV personality called Brian Conley who sings and is also a comedian. He is appearing with a West End singer called Adam Watkiss. The show is all in aid of The Air Ambulance. Unfortunately in the UK our air ambulances are charity run and are not paid for by the government.

So with my days off, I shall be reading and blogging too, as I have 9 days off. Oh and I suppose housework must come into it somewhere if it has too! lol.

Thanks for reading my blog. I really appreciate you taking the time. Off to type a book review now.