Sunday, 22 May 2011

New - Gimble telescopic/folding light book holder

The NEW Gimble Telescopic/Folding Light Weight Book Holder for Hands Free Reading.
It fits virtually all book sizes, keeping them open at the perfect reading angle, yet pages are easily turned, altogether a more pleasurable read! also allows your book to free-stand, (perfect for holidays, cooking and reference books) so wherever you enjoy reading, in bed, on a train or a coach, in the bath, at work, when studying or simply relaxing, you can take it with you as it folds down to pocket size and attaches onto the books cover. 

TravEmailer 2
Here's how it works: Open it out, adjust the telescopic arms to your book size then slip it over the outside of your book ...Simple! 
Available in the 3 most popular colours Charcoal, White and Pink.
And here's the really good news! 
The Gimble Traveler is 
only £6.99 (p+p99p) £7.98.
Get One FREE when you buy 3 for 
for only £20.97
(p+p£2.99) £23.96
Simply send a cheque stating the colour Charcoal, White or Pink and the quantity remember to include your address.
To: Gimble Ltd, 90 Longden Coleham, Shrewsbury SY3 7DX 
Perfect gift for friends, family and yourself plus 
14 day Moneyback Guarantee.
Forget the Kindle...get a Gimble!
...for the Love of Books. 
Further information call Michael Drage 07980 000 926 or 01743 289288 or

I have one of the ordinary ones which isn't telescopic and it's great. It really helps to hold your pages open.

If you choose to purchase one, could you please tell Mike where you saw his invention. I am not getting anything out of it, but it is nice to see how much traffic a blog brings to his site.