Monday, 23 May 2011

Book Review -- Bed Green by Cardaem Marquez

This book was provided courtesy of Smashwords.

This was just a short novel about a boy, who narrates the story, and the bond with his grandmother, who was married to a man whom she and her father were led to believe lived in a large ranch with lots of cattle and horses, but was in fact a mud baked hut in the desert with a dog.

She endured violence from her new Husband who was a drunk, and then bore a Son who also became a violent drunk. The Son's Wife went missing and he remained at home with his Mother and Father and young Son, the narrator. A wonderful bond was formed between the Grandmother and Grandson who did what they could to escape the violence.

This was beautifully written and very descriptive, enabling the reader to form a picture in their mind of the characters and the location. This to me, was very good as it was only a short read.

I would love to read more from this author. 3/5

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