Thursday, 12 May 2011

Book Review -- Jenny Lopez has a bad week

What a fabulous little read. I sat and read this in one sitting in about 90 minutes. I am not a reader of "chic lit" but wanted something to read that wasn't going to take me long. This book just seemed as if it was going to be a light hearted read, and it was just that.
The book mainly centres around Jenny, but then there's her friends Erin and Angela. Jenny's life seems to be in a mess since coming back from LA. No real job, no roommate and no boyfriend as she's been dumped by the love of her life.
I loved going through Jenny's week with her. I found that I was easily able to picture her and her friends and her little apartment.
I found the book funny and was actually quite sad when it came to an end as I wanted to carry on her life's journey for her.
I have never heard of this author but will certainly hunt down her books. It has also changed my mind a little about chic-lit books, so I won't rule them out in the future.
Great read. Give it a try. Click here.