Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Through my letterbox (and door) today

Today I have had a few surprises again through my door.

I had a lovely book from the author Linda Gillard - Star Gazing. She had also signed it for me which I was thrilled with. This book was courtesy of a competition on a fellow bloggers site, Dizzy C. So thank you both of you lovely ladies.

I received a book from a fellow BookCrosser called "The Hogfather" by Terry Pratchett. Not my type of book, although I loved the TV show, but my Hubbie is very pleased as he has a new book to read!

Then I had a book I'd ordered from Amazon called Crusade in Europe by Dwight D Eisenhower which was a 1948 edition. What makes me smile is that when I was at school I studied WWI and WWII history as my chosen history subject and really didn't enjoy it. I think it was because I couldn't remember dates and stuff. Now I love reading about it, and I can share the books with my Dad who was a young boy in WWII, although I don't think of him as that old! He finds it amusing I am interested in it now, when I wasn't at school. I think it is because my Grandfathers both fought in WWII it makes me appreciate it all the more now.  This book was recommended by a fellow facebooker Stuart Finlay, who writes as a hobby. He was reading it and it made me interested enough to buy it, so thanks Stuart!
The other things I was excited about through my door, came courtesy of Ocado when they were delivering my shopping. One was a free bottle of white wine, which my Hubbie will drink, as I'm not a drinker, but then there was the box of GU chocolate souffles. Naughty but nice. I really shouldn't have them as I've been on the Slimming World eating plan for over 2 years now and have lost 4 stone (56lbs) and want to keep that off. Especially as I'm going on a cruise in June and there will be soooooo much food that I'll be in food heaven. Visiting Italy as well with all that lovely freshly made pasta and pizza. I think I need to get the WII fit out and burn some fat before June! I eat these things and then spend hours feeling guilty! Oh well, off to get some lunch now. Back later people xx