Thursday, 28 April 2011

New Books magazine

One of my fellow bloggers and Read It Swap It member, got me intrigued about a website called New Books  Mag, so I headed on over there. They do book giveaways for post and packing only and have some good up to date books. I also ordered their magazine, and got a trial copy for £1.00.
It's a great magazine packed full (82 pages) of interesting things for booklovers.
There are extracts from books, with this edition showing "Trespass" by Rose Tremain; "Must you Go" by Antonia Fraser; "The Warsaw Anagrams" by Richard Zimler.
There are regular features like, "What we're reading" and "Book Buzz". Also interviews with authors, and so much more. It was well worth a £1 and I may consider subscribing. Subscription is £10 for 3 issues and you get to choose a free book too! More things to read.

Why don't you have a look? They have a facebook site too.