Thursday, 28 April 2011

Read it Swap It - Book Giveaway

Are any of you familiar with Read It Swap It? It's a great site, where you list your pre-loved (used) books. Or you can list ones that are new that you don't want to read. The site then has a library, which people can look at and request to swap a book with you. You look at their list of books and if there's one you like then you agree to a swap. It just cost's you the postage and packing.

There is a forum where you can chat about books and other stuff. There are book reviews and Free Books!

It is the "Free Book" part that I want to draw your attention to. I have a lot of books listed in my library which I am constantly adding to. For two weeks I am giving any of them away, all you have to do is send me the stamps to cover postage or pay the postage via paypal. I can weigh the book and tell you how much the postage will be. I will supply the packaging.

Therefore grab a book for the cost of postage only! Look at Read it Swap it from this link, and join as a member (Free), then go to the Free Book section on the community forum and look for my thread, under my user name Lisa1301.

My bookshelves are bulging and need clearing out. I now have a kindle and hundreds of books on there too! I have just given away 3 bags of books to a lady via Freecycle and ReUse it which are recycling sites. I have also given 2 large boxes of books to a lady who is having a table top sale to raise money for Breast Cancer. Large doses of "paying it forward!"

So hop over to Readitswapit, via the link above and take a look.