Monday, 14 March 2011

The Sanctuary Homeless Shelter

Part two of my book giving journey was at the Sanctuary Homeless shelter in Rushden, Northants, UK. Again with the support of my Husband Dave, we visited on the Sunday after World Book Night, just as they were cooking Sunday dinner for everyone. We met with the Minister Mark who ran the place. It was a great set up.
They had cooking facilities and were able to feed many people, with the help of donations from the public and the supermarkets. They had a clothes rail for the homeless people and I donated a sack of clothes. They had a shower room and a utility room, and temporary bedrooms for the homeless, whilst they were being helped along and given an address so they could move on with their lives.
I donated toiletries and washing powder too.
I gave several books to the staff, volunteers and homeless persons. It was a matter of pride for them to have something of their own.
A very worthwhile cause and some lovely people. It helped remove my previous impressions of a homeless person. They all have stories to tell, some are very sad. They can be from all walks of life, including the armed forces.
We met a lovely man called Paul who had a real tale to tell. If you are interested in hearing his story, he has set up a website so have a look.