Thursday, 17 March 2011

Kindle v Paperback

For ages my husband kept going on about wanting to buy me a Kindle for Christmas, but I kept saying that I loved the feel of having a book in my hand. One of the girls at work had a Kindle and she showed me how it worked and talked through the advantages of having a kindle especially when it comes to holidays!
I wasn't initially convinced, but when she said about holidays I thought that it would be better than carrying 6 or so paperbacks on holiday with me.

So in the end I relented and Santa bought me one. I must admit I am very pleased with it. It's easier to carry it in my handbag and take on holiday. I download all the books I want on it before I go. I have found access to numerous sites like Smashwords and NetGalley where I can pick up free books. They are usually from new or just unknown authors and I have read some better books on there than from well known authors.

I still buy paperbacks/hardbacks though, and when recently in London I visited Waterstones in Picadilly which is on 5 floors and I was in heaven! I could have spent all day there. I did purchase 3 books, so my Kindle hasn't killed my love of "real books". One of them being "The Rivers of London by Ben Aaronovitch". This book is a mixture of a crime book with modern day policing, versus a Harry Potter type book with Wizards. It looks fun and quirky.

Now I have both paperbacks/hardbacks and my kindle. I have managed to get so many free books or books under £1 for my kindle, and have built my collection up quite quickly. Most of the older books, like Jane Austen, Dickens etc, and now out of copyright, so they are all free.

So I'm still addicted to books but instead of being addicted to two types, I'm now addicted to three! The third also having music on it so I can read and listen to music at the same time!

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