Thursday, 17 March 2011

In the aftermath of the earthquake and the tsunami

I know this is going off track from books and holidays, but I have just watched a documentary on TV and it has affected me more than any footage I have seen.

The programme itself was about Man V Mother Nature. They were talking about how in most instances Man can do nothing to survive the wrath of Mother Nature. They showed you rescue workers, working through all the rubble and the water.

What then hit me was that they dragged a car from the water, and it was obvious that there were bodies inside as you could see someone slumped in their driving seat. That made me cry and that has never happened before when watching something like this. Not that I am a hard person; far from it.

It is terrible what these people have gone through and are still going through. Such a proud nation.

It makes me glad to live in the UK, as although we have had earthquakes in the past few years we have not experienced anything like these people are having to indure now. My heart goes out to them.