Friday, 18 March 2011

Book Crossing goodies

I am so excited. I have just received my Book Crossing goodie bag today. I am addicted to Book Crossing!

I have some plastic bags, in which I can hang my books to fence posts, bus stops or similar things, for people to take their surprise find away. They are good all weather bags, so could put my book in it and leave it on a park bench or something.

I have also got some yellow sticky notes, telling the finder that "Yes it is a free book and it's yours to keep". Plus there's lots of stickers for the inside of the book too.

My last bookcrossing book, I left in a shopping trolley, and the finder actually put a note on bookcrossing against the book ID to say what a surprise it was. They read the book in a day and then sent it on it's travels again.

If you haven't tried BookCrossing then I suggest you try it. It's such good fun!