Friday, 18 March 2011

I've won a book! Woo Hoo..... Thank you good reads.

I am really chuffed! I have just had an e-mail to say that I have won a book through GoodReads on the Read First section.

Not Easily Washed Away: Memoirs Of A Muslim's Daughter  by Brian Arthur Levene.

Not Easily Washed Away: Memoirs Of A Muslim's Daughter
Brief Synopsis;
Not Easily Washed Away is the true story of Laila Hassan. Born to a Muslim family in Pakistan,she suffers sexual, mental and physical abuse for fifteen years by her father Abdulla Hassan. Laila decides to take advantage of her father’s incestuous addiction by having him acquire a visa for her to the United States where she feels as if she can rid herself of a putrid past. The book is written from a psychological perspective in first person as Laila shared her painful past with the author/editor, and spares no details of her feelings, actions and outlook throughout her ordeal as a child, teenager and young adult.

As soon as I've received and read it, I'll be posting a review.