Saturday, 19 March 2011

Books released into the wild today.....

Well I have released some more books into the wild again today with bookcrossing. It's such a fun thing to do, leaving them in all sorts of places for people to find them, pick them up and take them home, then journal them. For those who don't know bookcrossing, these are classed as "wild releases" as you are releasing them into the wild.

Today I released, Silver Linings Play Book.
This one was left in a Riekers shoe store on one of the seats, so when someone tries some shoes on they will get a book as a bonus!

I also released, A Compromising Position, by Carole Matthews.

I left this one in The Three Swans Hotel, Market Harborough in the hotel seating area.

I made friends with a lady from The Netherlands, who had on her wishlist a book called "Oranges are Not the Only Fruit". She had been very helpful to me, when setting up my BookCrossing account, so I sent it to her as a gift.

Then I offered what BookCrossing call a BookRing, where you send a book on to one person, and they send it to another and so on, until it comes back to you. I put a little note book in with it, so people can add their thoughts about the book, and this will travel with the book. It is going all around the UK, to France, Netherlands, USA and Canada, so will be well travelled. The book I offered was called Hunting Unicorns.

Quite a different genre of books, all now going to good homes.

If you're not a member have a look at BookCrossing, as I think it's great! Some great giveaways on there too.