Friday, 25 March 2011

Book Review -- The Uncommon Reader, Alan Bennett

This book, albeit a small one, was so amusing. Just picture it. A mobile library pulls up into the grounds of Buckingham Palace, and the Queen stumbles upon it whilst walking the Corgis. She enters into this strange vehicle and upon the advice of the booklender, borrows a book, just to be nice. There begins the addiction to books, that you and I have. Trying to find secret places to sit and read. Reading in the coach on the way to the State opening of Parliament. In fact everywhere she can, much to the annoyance of family, friends and staff. Then comes the friendship of Norman, who works in the kitchens, who is also an avid bookreader.
A complete joy. Made even funnier by actually picturing the Queen herself as the main character. It made me wonder if Her Majesty herself, had actually read the book, and if she had what she thought of it, and if it made her laugh like it did me.
If you want a quick read and a bit of laughter, then give it a try.