Wednesday, 19 July 2017

Something to Be Brave For -- Priscilla Bennett ~ #Endeavour Press ~ Book Review

TITLE - Something to Be Brave For

AUTHOR - Priscilla Bennett

PUBLISHER - Endeavour Press

PAGES - 225

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Would you die for love…?

Christmas 1997 and Katie Giraud is taking refuge under her grand piano.

Just a few short years after marrying Claude, she now lives in fear for her safety and that of her young daughter, Rose.

Claude, the dashing and charming Frenchman she’d fallen in love with, so attentive and considerate during their whirlwind courtship, has become a monster.

Nothing she does is right and she constantly walks on eggshells, terrified that she will unwittingly inflame his anger.
He humiliates her, he violates her, he beats her…

But Claude is a well-respected, highly successful surgeon, always so polite and thoughtful to everyone but her. As a result, he has succeeded in creating the perfect façade behind which to hide his true self.

Katie’s parents think the world of him, his own patients adore him – everyone loves Claude.

So, who will ever believe what he does behind closed doors?

This story sensitively lifts the lid on the processes of an abusive relationship, which anyone who has ever experienced will identify with, and for those who haven’t, will answer questions like, ‘Why is she putting up with that?’

Something To Be Brave For is a deeply moving account about one woman’s battle for survival.


“A unique—yet still universal—story of domestic violence.” — Rosemary Rogers, Author of eight books including the New York Times bestseller Saints Preserve Us!

“A gripping novel portraying domestic violence in today’s society.”— Christopher Dodd, CEO, Motion Picture Association of America

“The book is a compelling, graphic and brutally honest account of domestic violence in high society.” — Oliver Koppell, former Attorney General, New York State and sponsor in the New York Legislature of laws making domestic violence a crime.

“An inspiration to all the women, and people, who have struggled against the domestic violence in their life.” — Ben Kallos, New York City Council Member serving on the Women’s Issues Committee

“Unlike Faust, in Priscilla Bennett’s spellbinding novel, Katie Callahan Giraud doesn’t make a deal with Mephistopheles, she actually falls in love with Mephistopheles and marries him.” — Lewis Burke Frumkes, Author, “Advice for Young Writers” and Host of the Lewis Burke Frumkes Show


Meet Claude, Famous Plastic Surgeon. Respected highly by Katie's Father, an eminent surgeon. So much so that Claude and Katie ended up as a couple, then marry. 

This book handles the emotional subject of Domestic Violence, a subject I'm passionate about through my paid work and previous volunteer work with Victim Support. 

The Author delicately handles the subject and shows how a couple on the outside can be the envy of everyone who meets them; outwardly seen as being a happily married and successful couple, but behind closed doors the story couldn't be more different. The Author shows how one party can be so controlling and capable of psychological damage that goes unseen and unreported. With no help from outside parties when a cry for help comes along, even when children are involved, it becomes a desperate situation. The book shows how a victims strength of character can eventually shine through and I really liked the character of Katie and kept willing her on all the way through the book.

The book is completely indicative of cases I've seen like this, having spoken to women like Katie, and to me it is extremely well researched. I would love to think that this book would empower other women reading it who are in a similar situation.

This is a very emotional read. 


Priscilla Bennett was born in Boston . . . and never left. She became an emergency room nurse in a large Boston hospital until she retired. She and her husband devoted their lives to raising their three children.

As an ER nurse, Priscilla saw firsthand the devastating effects of women who were physically and mentally abused through toxic relationships with family members, boyfriends and spouses. These experiences inspired her to write this novel to help and encourage women to escape and to heal. And to remind them they are not alone.

Catch up with the author here: - Webpage // Facebook // Endeavour Press

UK Agencies who can help victims of domestic violence:- Womens Aid // Refuge // National Centre for Domestic Violence (NCDV) // Victim Support

Thank you to the author for allowing me to review her book in exchange for my honest review. I was not paid for this review.