Tuesday, 18 July 2017

Don't Close your Eyes by Holly Seddon ~ #Corvus #Atlantic Books ~ Book Review

TITLE - Don't Close Your Eyes

AUTHOR - Holly Seddon


PAGES - 336

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Robin and Sarah weren't the closest of twins. They weren't even that similar. But they loved each other dearly. Until, in the cruellest of domestic twists, they were taken from one another.

Now, in her early 30s, Robin lives alone. Agoraphobic and suffering from panic attacks, she spends her days pacing the rooms of her house. The rest of the time she watches - watches the street, the houses, the neighbours. Until one day, she sees something she shouldn't...

And Sarah? Sarah got what she wanted - the good-looking man, the beautiful baby, the perfect home. But she's just been accused of the most terrible thing of all. She can't be around her new family until she has come to terms with something that happened a long time ago. And to do that, she needs to track down her twin sister.

But Sarah isn't the only person looking for Robin. As their paths intersect, something dangerous is set in motion, leading Robin and Sarah to fight for much more than their relationship...


The book centres mainly around twins Sarah and Robin. It moves between the present day and the late 1980's early 1990's, as the girls were growing up. The family they belong to is dysfunctional and then some! If you're an only child and always wanted a sibling, you would be pleased you hadn't grown up in a family like this. 

It starts off as a nice cosy read, with a loving family. It soon escalates into an awkward, broken mess, with many secrets and full of lies, which come back to haunt them.

I enjoyed getting to know all the characters at the start of the book, and it flowed seamlessly throughout, going from present to past and back again, with short chapters which I prefer in books going back and forth in time. I did lose some interest a bit when Robin was living in Manchester and watching her Neighbours from behind closed doors. It struggled to grip my attention although it did fit into the story. The pace did pick up about 3/4's of the way through when the tension rose and the secrets flowed and unfurled and my attention was gripped once more.

I would have liked the ending to have been expanded a bit more into where the lives of the four women were going, and how they were going to unite, but overall it was a fairly enjoyable read. 


Holly Seddon is a full time writer, living slap bang in the middle of Amsterdam with her husband James and a house full of children and pets. Holly has written for newspapers, websites and magazines since her early 20s after growing up in the English countryside, obsessed with music and books.

Her first novel TRY NOT TO BREATHE was published worldwide in 2016 and became a national and international bestseller.

Her second novel DON'T CLOSE YOUR EYES was published in July 2017.

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