Saturday, 16 November 2013

MY SECRET OBSESSION - Journals!! And more Journals....

If anyone ever wanted to put a big smile on my face, apart from buying me books, the next best thing would be to buy me a pretty journal.
My obsession with them started in Texas. I'd gone there on my annual vacation to stay with friends and my friend took me to TJ Maxx (as they call it in the US). I was enthralled by all the designs they had on offer. I always head to the stationery section of big stores anyway as I love nice writing papers and pens too.  So I thought I'd show you some of my favourites. I never pay more than about $5 US for them and I always end up with beautiful ones. I also buy them for friends as gifts.
As I am obsessed with travelling, the one above just had to be a travel journal, and that is exactly what it is used for. I love Paris and all things Parisian so this was ideal. I put all my travel experiences in it, including people I meet on my way.
This is the one I use to write all my book reviews in before I post them onto my blog or Goodreads. It has a beautiful flap which is magnet and makes a great book mark too which you can see below. 
I could just write it up on a piece of scrap paper and then write it onto the computer, but there is just something special about writing it up first in my journal.
Below is the start of a book review I wrote for The Handfasting by David Burnett.

For those that do book reviews, how do you do yours? Do you write them on paper first or do you write them straight up on the computer?

What obsessions do you have?

Well I am off to the USA again in about 24 hours time and I am sure I will come back with more journals. I may share them or I may even offer one as a prize. Watch this space.