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BOOK REVIEW & GIVEAWAY -- Upholding Law and Disorder by PC Surname -- Tales from the Front Line

Title - Upholding Law & Disorder: Police Tales from the Front Line

Author - PC Surname

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Synopsis - 

Neurotic, excitable, unpredictable, potentially dangerous - and that's just the police officers!

Drunk drivers, feral children, drug barons, violent prisoners, dying junkies, wild gypsies, gun-toting gangsters, angry taxpayers, budget cuts and delusional senior officers - PC Surname and the rest of 'A Shift' do battle against them all.

Jump in for a ride along as they go about their everyday jobs, fighting crime and protecting the public in this hilariously accurate portrayal of modern policing!

My Review 

Working as I do for my local police force in the UK, I am sadly addicted to these books about tales of life in the Police Force. I think it's some bizarre thing about whether other Police Forces experience the same as we do in our force. Obviously when you read the books you do not know what Police Force the author works for, and you look for some sort of link as to whether they work for your own force. The trouble is of all the books I've read, they could all work for the same force as me. So either we have lots of published authors, or it's the same story nationwide with the types of people our Officers come across on a daily basis.

I loved the way the author had written this book had written this book as it would make the reader wonder if this was actually fact or fiction. Sometimes the story was a bit laboured but I think that's maybe because I've heard it all before, but someone not working for the police may find it more interesting. Although the author says it's fiction, I'm sure that some of the characters were based on his "customers", as we have many that are very similar, so he is obviously speaking from experience. Good all round read if not a bit lengthy in parts.

Excerpt - 

The poorest area of the township is without doubt the Chavington Manor Estate - home to a hard-working, honest majority; as well as some of the worst examples of humanity society has to offer. It's the start of a Late shift and I am sent to the estate to investigate complaints from local residence of that most heinous of crimes in progress - knock down ginger. After just a few minutes of searching I find a gaggle of youths matching the description passed.
The group skip over and converse with me through the open car window: "Hello Mister, what are doing around here?" enquires a cheeky twelve year old Tyrone who I have met a few times before during the course of my duties.
   "Oh, not much," I reply, "just patrolling to make sure you lot are safe."
   "Cool car. I want to be a police officer when I'm older," says a freckly little lad in a Man United shirt, a little younger than Tyrone.
   "Well that's good-" I start to say, surprised to have one future cadet in the making...
   "Yeah, so that I can get a gun and shoot up all the junkies and dealers around here."
Oh dear. Kids grow up fast in 'The Manor'; at that age I was more interested in collecting Pogs and playing with my He-man action figures, not gunning down members of the narcotics trade.
   "Where possible we try not to shoot people; instead we arrest them, give them a fair trial, rehabilitate them, address the underlying issues that caused them to turn to crime, before introducing them carefully back into society and, where necessary, monitor them closely," even I'm not buying that and by the look on his face Freckles is not convinced either.
   "Can I see your gun, officer?"
   "Don't have one, sorry," I disappoint in reply. Although technically my incapacitant spray is considered a prohibited 'firearm' under Section 5 of the Firearms Act 1968, I think Freckles wants to see something a little more impressive than that which resembles a miniature can of deodorant.
   "Why was the helicopter up over our house last night, Mister?" asks another.
   "I don't know," is my honest reply.
   "I heard someone set fire to a stolen car, is that true?" enquires one more.
Possibly, but before I can answer: "No, I heard there was a riot and a man got killed?"
That's less likely.
   "I bet it was to do with drugs wasn't it?"
The questions are coming thick and fast now.
   "Can I have a ride in the back of your car, copper?" asks Tyrone before I can answer the last.
   "I think you've been in the back of my car before, Tyrone; remember Tesco's?"
   "Oh yeah," he laughs.
More children are now flocking to my panda like it's a homing beacon and I'm giving out free fast food to anyone under the age of fifteen. "How fast does your car go?" asks the only girl in the group.
   "Well I had 115mph out of it on the bypass once," I go on, before remembering the reason I came to the area in the first place: "Anyway kids," getting back on track, "have you seen anyone knocking on people's doors and running away?"
   "No!" they all shout together unconvincingly, broad smiles across most faces, conspicuously few expressions of guilt across others.
   "Okay, well if it was you, please don't do it any more as it's a bit annoying."
   "Okay!" they all shout again.
   "Give us a go with your Taser?"
   "Right, I better be going..."

The second book from PC Surname, serving police constable and author of the Amazon best seller 
'I Pay Your Wages! A Beginners Guide to the Police Service':


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Obviously not the author himself/herself
I am serving police Constable in a UK police force and have been for a few years. I also enjoy writing in my spare time and wanted to write a book that people around the country could enjoy.
The general public are fascinated by the police. This is why the TV listings are full of drama series and "fly-on-the-wall" documentaries, not to mention all the cop movies on the big screen. Like so many I also enjoy these shows, BUT I still watch them and think "that's not what I do at work!". So I decided to write a beginners guide to what serving police officers REALLY do, every day and night in the UK. My book is intended to give an interesting, light hearted, insightful but - most importantly - accurate portrayal of what my colleagues and I do on the streets of the UK. If you are interested in a police career this publication is for you.
Thank you for taking the time to check out this page and I hope you enjoy the book!


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