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BOOK REVIEW -- Close to the Wind -- Zana Bell - Historical Fiction

TITLE - Close to the Wind

AUTHOR - Zana Bell

PUBLISHER - Choc Lit Publishing

PAGES - 305

ISBN - 978-1-781890-26-4

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What would you give to be free?

Georgiana da Silva is catapulted out of the Victorian drawing rooms and into a world of danger. She escapes her fiendish fiance to engage in a mad dash across the world to save her brother before an unknown assassin can find him.

Meanwhile, Captain Harry Trent is setting sail for New Zealand. With a mission to complete and the law on his heels, he's got enough trouble of his own without further complications.

Thrown together, unable to trust anyone, Georgiana and Harry are intent on fulfilling their missions despite the distractions of the other. But liberty comes at a price and the closer they got, the more they must question the true cost of being free.


I'm not usually a huge fan of historical fiction unless it's the Tudors and Stuarts era of British History, although I'm happy to give them a try. This book was set in the 1860's in the UK, Madeira, South Africa and New Zealand. The travel aspect of the novel obviously intrigued me.

This story could have virtually been true to life. Having researched family trees and being a keen genealogist, I have come across similar tales of heroism. It was thoroughly well researched if that is the case.

Georgiana escaped her controlling Aunt and devious fiance, and set sail across the seas to see her Brother who's life she felt was in danger. She needed to warn him before others got to him and in fact ended his life.

I loved Georgiana. She was portrayed as a courageous and headstrong young girl who was not going to let anything or anyone stop her from getting from the UK to New Zealand in order to save her Brother. She makes some great friends along the way and also some hidden enemies.  The author introduces us to several people in the book but all at different stages so you don't get confused as to who is who, as you do in some books, where I've found myself having to re-read pages. The characters are all so vastly different and you can picture them so clearly.

Georgiana's journey was exciting and I loved the descriptions of the Countries and their citizens that she visited along her way. I could picture the streets of Madeira and the lovely Consuela. 

The scrapes Georgiana got herself into were amusing at times and it was as though she had no fear of anyone or anything.

I was almost sad when the book came to an end, as I wanted to see where life would take her next and whether she would meet up with her new friends she made along the way. 

This was a very well written tale of travel and adventure. 


Zana Bell grew up in Zimbabwe and studied English Literature at the University of Cape Town. After travelling for several years doing a wide range of jobs, she immigrated to New Zealand where she now lives with her family and cats in a small harbourside community.

She began writing, just for the fun of seeing whether she could actually complete a novel and immediately became hooked. She enjoys writing in a variety of genres but has a particular fondness for all things historical. 


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