Monday, 11 November 2013

BOOK REVIEW - Billy The Goat meets a Hero -- Dustin Ross

TITLE - Billy The Goat Meets A Hero

AUTHOR - Dustin Ross

GENRE - Childrens fiction

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Once in a while it's quite fun to read a childrens book. I like to see what's out there now for young Children. It was always Richard Scarry and Enid Blyton when I was young. I have to say I still have all of my Childrens books too. My parents were great readers and taught me to read before I went to school. Every night my Dad would read to me before bed and that is where my addiction started. That and a weekly trip to the library. So having said all that I thought I would give this fun looking children's book a read.

Bill and his friends had been playing games, pretending to be Firemen. When talking to his parents at dinner about the adventures they had been having, his Mum and Dad listened with interest. When he'd gone to bed his Mum had an idea and asked why they didn't call the fire department to see if Billy could go along and see what real firefighters do. Billy's Father made a phone call to a friend he knew and soon it was sorted.

Billy was thrilled and so began his day with a trip to the Fire Department where he would be looked after by Charlie the Chimp, and the excitement began.

The illustrations in the book are great and really help to tell the story. As the story is told through the day, to the adult eye you can see there is a moral to the story. It's about being afraid but still having courage.

It's a very well told story and just one in part of a series about Billy The Goat and his adventures, which all look fun!

You can download a free activity pack too when you've read the book.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR (Taken from his Amazon Author page)

Dustin Ross is a writer, illustrator and publisher from South Africa. He is dedicated to making new and exciting children's books available both in print and digitally via Kindle.. "I love the sense of whimsy and fun that writing for children can be. My first book Ben Banana was created because it is soo great to see a child laugh and smile. In such a busy world it is so important for parents to snuggle up and read to their children on a regular basis. Reading should be fun!" Dustin stated.
Right now, readers can visit Dustin's website and download a free activity pack featuring his first character Ben Banana as well as his newest character Billy the Goat. The pack features several activities, including word puzzles and color-by-number pictures to keep children busy creating and learning for hours.

For more information on this and his other titles, please visit his website at:-