Thursday, 2 February 2012

Book Review -- Before I go to Sleep - SJ Watson

Title - Before I go to sleep

Author - SJ Watson

Format - Paperback

I had heard good and bad things about this book, but as it was a Richard and Judy Book Club choice, I felt I had to read it as I usually like their choice of books. I also like the reading club questions at the back and the Richard and Judy interview, which is exclusive to books bought from WH Smith (UK).
The book has been described as a thriller, but it's not exactly what I would call a thriller, and the only thrilling part came right near the end. I was surprised to see it said on the book "Winner - Crime Thriller of the Year", as I feel there were better thrillers out there.
Christine has had an accident and had been in a coma. When she comes out of it she has no memories at all, apart from some in her early childhood. She meets Dr Nash who gives her a journal to write daily, and he has to ring her each day to tell her to fill it in, and tell her where she keeps it, as every morning when she wakes up her memories of the day before have gone. She hides the journal from her husband as he has no faith in Dr's and doesn't want her to seeing another one as he feels they have all let her down. Christine through her journal is trying to piece together what happened to her.
I like the journal aspect of the book, where the story is told each day through her journal. Each day is a new journey due to her having no memory of the day before, so each chapter tells a new story. I did feel that some days became a bit repetitive, but for some reason I couldn't put the book down as I was wanting to find out what happened to her. The story telling through the journal carried on through most of the book, which therefore to me, felt as if the ending was a bit rushed. I had partly worked out what was going to happen and wanted a bit more of a twist to the story. Nonetheless I did enjoy the book and for a debut it wasn't bad. The author can only get better and better the more books they write.

My rating