Friday, 2 September 2011

Book Review -- Amazing People of Paris -- Dr Charles Margerison

Amazing People of Paris
Dr Charles Margerison

This is one of a series of books. I chose this one as I have a big love of Paris and all things Parisian, having visited the city many times.

The book starts of with a time line of how Paris itself became "Paris". It was named after it's first residents the "Parisii Tribe", and all through the Roman Invasion, The Franks, right up to where it is today. It opened my eyes to the turbulent "life" Paris has experienced.

It was interesting to learn all about the people behind the magnificent buildings that Paris has. How King Francois I commenced the building of the Louvre, where he lived and housed his amazing art collection.
How Maurice de Sully a Priest, became Bishop of Paris and organised the construction of Notre Dame in 1163, although it was not finished until 1345.

There are so many interesting people that have helped make Paris the beautiful city it is today. The Parisians have many wonderful people to thank for the magnificence of their city.

I thoroughly enjoyed reading about these people and it was made even better having been there and able to picture the buildings. If you are interested in history and architecture I think that you would find this book interesting. I will certainly be reading more in the series.

My book rating 4/5