Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Overpacked and Underused

 I have to admit, I have pinched this idea from the "Cruise Critic" website. I thought it was a real thought provoking theme though, and I understood it completely.

Whenever I am packing for my holiday, I start off with the right idea. I plan how many days and nights we are away for. I lay my clothes out and try and mix and match so that I don't take too many clothes. I try and take a pair of shoes that will go with everything for the daytime and the same again for the evening............ then it goes downhill from there on in.

 I then start thinking what if those shoes start to hurt my feet, so in goes another pair. Then with my clothes I think, I'll pop in another top in case I spill something down that one. Then add another in "just in case". Then with toiletries it's just as bad! I always take extra make up that I wouldn't normally use at home. Extra body lotions, again that I couldn't possibly get through. My husband says "it's a woman thing". He lays out one pair of shorts/cropped trousers per every 2 days, then 2 t-shirts to match each pair, then 2 or 3 smart shirts for night times plus 2 pairs of trousers. A pair of shoes for day and one for night and that's it! Why don't men have the same dilemma that women do?

My question is "Do you overpack your case and underuse your items?" Or are you a canny packer that packs just enough and wears everything they take?