Thursday, 16 June 2011

Why I love book blogs and bloggers

Why I love, is a weekly meme, hosted by Alexis of Reflections of a Bookaholic. She host's a different theme each week in her Why I love series. Why not pop in and have a look. Link above. This is her Wednesday one, and although I am a day late, I'm sure it's still Wednesday somewhere in the world!
This weeks theme is Why I love book blogging or blogs.

1. Why I love book blogging.
I have met so many lovely people to start with, Alexis being one of them. I have been able to share my love of books and book reviews with people. I have also started listening to audiobooks which is something I'd never done before. I have also been introduced to books in different genre's that before I would have passed by on a bookshelf.

2. Why I love blogs.
Again apart from the lovely people I have come across, I have picked up some good tips. I follow a couple of blogs from people who are travelling around the world. One blog from Vicki on travellers point is a blog of her on her round the world travels and she takes the most amazing photographs. She makes me very envious. Also I follow The baking bookworm and have picked up some good recipe ideas and some money saving tips too. I have so many blogs that I love, that there are too many to mention.

3. The freebies.
There are also many goodies that are given away in the bookworld and I have entered a few competitions and won some lovely books and been in touch with some lovely authors too.

Why don't you pop in and have a look at the blogs I've mentioned. You wont be disappointed.