Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Wanderlust Wednesdays - - Coming soon!

Coming soon - Wanderlust Wednesdays.
Following on from the title of my blog, which is obviously related to books and travel, I thought I would hold a Wanderlust Wednesday day, for the Wednesdays when I'm not travelling (or at that place called work!).

I thought I might include various subjects e.g. What is your favourite beach to relax on to read your book? What is your favourite holiday destination? What books do you like to read on holiday? What books are you taking with you on holiday this year? Your favourite holiday photo. And much much more...... I will host the occasional giveaway too (a book though, not a holiday!).

If you can think of any other suggestions/questions that we could cover on a Wednesday, then please let me know. I have an idea for one tomorrow so watch this space.