Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Book Review -- The Darkness beyond the veil --

Title -- The Darkness beyond the Veil
Author -- Darren R Scothern
Format -- E book (for Kindle)

I really enjoyed this book of short stories. They all have a supernatural undertone to them. Considering they were short stories they were full of content and you were able to get to know the characters.

There are 9 short stories altogether. Three of them are linked by characters, and are quite cleverly split throughout the book so they are not read one after the other and I think this works quite well.

As they are short stories it is hard to give a brief synopsis without spoilers. The three stories that are linked are about two school boys named Paul and Tom. It is nice to see how their relationship is formed, torn apart and then re-formed again, and also the detail of their turbulent family backgrounds and how they are intertwined. I liked these characters.

There is also a short story called "The Veil" which I think was my favourite. It is about a teenager called Paul who forms a "friendship" albeit a very brief one, with a young girl called Sarah. Their lives are intertwined when he saves her 2 year old brother from being run over by a car, the driver of which was never traced. For such a short story this was packed with content, and very enjoyable. When you read it, you will sense that you or someone you know has either been in, or heard about this situation before. Well written.

All in all, if you want a book where you can dip in and out of it, or read it alongside another book, then I thoroughly recommend this.