Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Purchases, Prize's and Post box

Well my letterbox and my e-mail inbox have both been working overtime today. Our mail turned up at 745pm! Excuse was that is was a holiday yesterday and they were behind. They should have to work bank holidays like I do! lol.

First of all I found out I had won a competition on a blog run by Donna called My life. One story at a time. Yes you've guessed it. I've won another book. It's called Cruelty to Innocents and came courtesy of the author, via Smashwords.

Synopsis from Smashwords.
What if you were in your car alone with your small child and you came upon an emergency scene? Would you stop to help? What if, while you are trying to assist a victim of an accident or mugging, you left your young child alone in the car, thinking he or she would be safe. What if, instead of help, the call to 911 brought a terrifying, sinister result?

Someone’s abducting children from 911 emergency scenes in Aberdeen Maryland, while their parents call for help and lend aid to accident victims. Someone who’s also listening in is a monster and vicious child abductor. In the midst of the chaos and confusion of the scene, that monster slips in and steals the innocent children leaving behind no trace for authorities.

Sloanne Kelly is unprepared for what awaits in her hometown as she travels back to Maryland. Her goddaughter is one of the victims and the clock is ticking. Together with her best friend and a local fireman, Shawn Tyler, Sloanne will face the most insidious of criminals and fight to recover the children before there is anymore, "Cruelty to Innocents."

After I got over the excitement of that, I went on an Amazon 1-click spree. I "bought" some freebie books for my Kindle. "Fifth Avenue" a thriller by Christopher Smith. Another thriller "No Good Deed: Book one by M.P.McDonald. Finally "Mayne Attraction:In the Spotlight" by Ann Mauren. They really do make that 1-click too easy! Hubbie just raises his eyebrows at me!

Then I also took advantage of a free audio book from Audible.co.uk and "bought" Only Time will Tell by Jeffrey Archer. This was recommended to me by a work colleague. I don't normally like his books but she said this was different from his normal books so thought I'd give it a go.

Through the post, when it eventually came, I received a book via a fellow swapper at Read It Swap It. It was a copy of Botswana Time by Will Randall. I just love books that are based in other countries. I think this is along the same lines as the "Number one ladies detective agency" by Alexander McCall Smith, and I loved that series of books.
I love the cover to this book.

Finally I had my weekly Graze Box, full of healthy snacks.

Remember if you would like a free box and you are in the UK, you can get a free box with my compliments if you go to their website and enter the code 5TGBH153. There is no obligation to purchase further boxes.

Well I'm off now to do some reading. Enjoy the rest of your day everyone and thanks for stopping by.