Sunday, 29 May 2011

Versatile Blogger Award

I can't believe it! Another blogger Donna at My Life. One story at a time. has given me a "Versatile blog award". I am so chuffed. It's nice to think that there is someone out there who is reading and enjoying my blog. Her blog is so pretty and colourful, so head over there and have a look. Just click my link above.

When Donna was given her Versatile Blog Award, she was asked to complete a task. She has never asked anything of me, but I thought the task she was asked to complete was so good that I would also complete that task.
1. Admit seven random things about myself
2. Nominate five other versatile bloggers for the same award.
So here we go!

1. I am terrified of edges. If we go on holiday and the coastal road runs close to the edge, it makes my stomach go into knots and I feel physically sick. The same with mountain roads.

2. I hate answering the phone at home. Weird I know. Especially as I am a police despatcher and have to speak to members of public on the phone when they are reporting emergencies. For some reason though I hate it when my home phone rings, so hubbie always answers it. If witheld numbers ring my mobile (cell phone) I just disconnect them!

3. I have never been able to have children unfortunately so I am obsessed with my cats (as well as my husband!lol). This makes me sound like a sad old woman I know, but my little cats are the thing that make me happy when I feel low.
 Sukie is a sealpoint siamese and is the sister of Minnie (above). They are mixed race (dual heritage). Minnie is a mans cat and loves men. She also loves playing on the stairs as you can see.
Sukie loves to curl up and sleep and is not so playful, but she is definately her Mums cat and follows me everywhere. She is sat next to me whilst I am writing this!

4. I have many acquaintances but very few very close friends. One of my closest friends I have been friends with for over 20 years. Another I have been friends with for 45yrs and we only see each other once a year, but I know she'd be there for me if I needed her. My other 3 close friends have been friends with me for only a few years, and came into my life relatively late (I'm 47) but I would trust them with my life and tell them everything. 

5. I have become obsessed with blogging and like Donna, spend ages changing my blog around, thinking what to write and reading other peoples blogs for enjoyment as well as idea's.

6. I get angry with people who use their mobile phone whilst driving, which is illegal in the UK and carries a fine and penalty points on your driving licence which build up to a driving ban. I have seen so many road traffic accidents with my job where the main cause is people on their phones. I have to say I do tell people about it. My placid and laid back personality changes when I am behind the wheel of my car!

7. I hate entertaining. I don't mind hosting BBQ's or doing buffet meals, but if it comes to making a 3 course meal, I hate it. I have no confidence in my cooking at all. When people invite us to dinner, I feel obliged to invite them back, as I should, but it makes me so nervous as I don't think I'm a good cook.

Well that's me. I suppose there's a lot more to me than that. I could have thought of lots more, like my love of doing volunteer work and helping others, but they are the 7 things that are a bit more random.

As for giving blog awards to my favourite blogs, well that was difficult as there are so many of them. So after much thinking about this I have chosen the following blogs. In no particular order.

1. Alexis at Reflections of a Bookaholic. Her blog is so professional and so interesting with some great reviews. She hosts some great giveaways.

2. Lainy at So Many Books so little time. Again some lovely book reviews and some pre-loved giveaways.

3. Anne at Random things through my letterbox. Anne's blog keeps me entertained all the time. She gets some really weird things through her letterbox, not just books but also cat food, tools and so much more. She is a champion reviewer for Amazon and her book reviews are fantastic.

4. Carole at Dizzy C's little book blog. She hosts some great giveaways and also has some good author interviews too.

5. Laurie at The baking bookworm. She has some of the most scrummy recipes on her blog as well as book stuff.

Have a look at all of them and see what you think for yourself.

Thanks to everyone who follows me as I really do appreciate it. I may not have many followers but I'd prefer to have just a few who actually read my blog than hundreds who may never visit it again.