Sunday, 22 May 2011

Free e-book - Electronic crime in muted key by Nick Wastnage

Electronic Crime In Muted Key by Nick Wastnage

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The most unlikely of men pulls off the perfect online scam. He sets up five desperate and innocent people, fakes his death and reinvents himself to live a new life on an idyllic Greek island with millions in the bank. But his tranquillity is short lived. His scorned lover and bitter wife have other plans.

It’s a fast moving story of a man’s successful and meticulous plan to create a new identity. Using untraceable emails and the tag Scorpion, he manages to obtain a dead body that matches his own and falsify his own death. He blackmails five people to help him in his scam and uses them as couriers to take drugs, art and precious gems to buyers around the world. Once he’s paid the millions of pounds he’s owed and it’s safely deposited in his Swiss bank account he disappears. But his lover is at first distraught and then angry when she finds out he was married and had used her as cover for his criminal scheme. She teams up with his supposed widow and they plan to seek him out. They find they’re in a race with the British and Greek police to find him. They’re after him for murder, body theft and fraud.

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