Monday, 9 May 2011

Do you like James Patterson or writers like him?

I often used to end up in a rut, wondering what to read next. I am a James Patterson fan, but got a bit fed up of his books when he was bringing about 7 or 8 a year, as it made me doubt they were all his own work. How can you possibly write that many books in a year? It ended up where I had read them all and after I'd read books by his collaborating authors, like Andrew Gross, I was stuck what to read next.

Then came the wonderful invention of the kindle and my mind has been opened to loads of new authors. One of the cheaper kindle books that I love is Playing the Game by Simon Gould. This is currently 99p or 99c on Amazon for the e-book. It is written in the style of Patterson books.

Book Blurb -
Detective Michael Patton of the LAPD has been targeted by a serial killer named "The Chemist" - He doesn't know why. Two girls are already dead and a third only has 24hrs to live. For Detective Patton, this is a game he has to win.

It is a good, fast paced book but being an e-book there were some typo errors and grammatical errors which I put on my Amazon review. This is the only reason I dropped this book from a 5* rating to a 4* rating. This seems to be a problem with some e-books and is not the authors fault but I believe that of the publisher.

On the 9th June he is bringing out the second book in the "Playing the Game" Series, with Detective Patton. This one is called Viper Trail. He has told me that my character is in this book, but I don't know if I live or die!
Viper Trail - 9th June
Book Blurb - 
"Viper Trail", the second book in the "Playing The Game" series is released.

Detective Michael Patton and his LAPD partner Charlie Holland fly to Washington D.C. after Patton's former LAPD partner is shot by The Typhon - a sniper striking at will from the rooftops of the city.

A second killer is soon on the scene - The Card Killer - both competing for Patton's attention.

How are these killers linked to a rogue covert surveillance unit, assembled by Mayor Cyprian Hague and Senator Conrad Conway? What link do these killers have to Patton's nemesis, Sarah Caldwell? Will Patton put all the pieces together and find the killers before their games are completed?

Join Patton on the Viper Trail from 9th June ...

After "Playing The Game" selling more than 25,000 copies on Kindle this year so far, the price for "Viper Trail" will match it at £0.99 / $0.99

Click here for the youtube video of the book.

I think it's nice to support these indie writers, and have bought more indie author books since having my kindle than I ever did before.

So if you like crime fiction, please support Simon with his new book. After all, where can you get a few good hours entertainment for 99p or 99c.