Sunday, 22 May 2011

Countdown to my cruise

I am on a countdown now to my Cruise around the Western Mediterranean in June. I am organising my kindle so that I have all the books I could need. Mind you I have around 300+ on there and somehow don't think I'll be getting through them all! Even I can't read that quick.

Adventure of the Seas - Courtesy of Royal Caribbean cruise lines
My cabin is on the same deck as the library! Pure co-incidence I can assure you. So a little trip to that will be in order too. I did wonder about taking some books to BookCross too, but then there's the little matter of baggage allowance. To me 20kg is not enough when you're on a cruise and want to take outfits for all occasions! I am known to be a lover of shoes, so I am going to have to be very strict with myself.

I have won a lot of different books in competitions lately which I would really love to take with me, but I am thinking that my kindle is going to have to go with me rather than books. I am going to organise a folder of books on my kindle, especially for my holiday. I am heading to Rome, Florence and Pisa in Italy. Can anyone recommend a good book that's based in Italy to inspire me?
Rome, courtesy of
My book reviews this week are a bit slow on coming through. I have been reading the same two books now for just over a week. Work commitments have got in the way along with housework duties. Today it will be gardening duties as my lawn is out of control! Any offers? I hate it when all the lawns in your street are immaculate, for those that have them, and then mine is out of control! There are only 16 houses in my street so hate to let the side down. So off I go and back to my blogging later. This week is going to be a week of bookshelf organising so look out for some pre loved giveaways coming up.