Sunday, 8 May 2011

Book Review -- Belfast Girls by Gerry McCullough

Belfast Girls

Kindle Edition

Published 24 Nov 2010
by Night Publishing

My rating - 5* Excellent read

Currently £1.39 UK

I thoroughly enjoyed this kindle book. It was mainly about 3 girls who grew up in Northern Ireland and became good friends. All of them intelligent girls, doing well at school but their lives taking completely different paths.

Sheila who was always the tall beautiful one. In love with a man who expected perfection from her but left her when he realised she wasn't perfect. She went on to be famous, travelling all over the world, but still holding a torch for her man despite the many temptations thrown in her way. She still compared them all to him.

Mary who was clever but got into bad ways and with the wrong people. Could she turn her life round before she ended up in a bad way?

Phil (Philomena) who was kind and caring and always loved her man Davey, despite him getting mixed up with some bad people. Northern Ireland had been going through the ceasefire, but drugs and money laundering and people trafficking had taken over. Phil knew Davy was into something bad but she loved him and he kept her out of it so she would be safe, but would she?

The Belfast Girls lives separated somewhat when they left school as their lives took them down this different path, only to end up back together again when they most needed each other.

This book kept me wanting to read more. I loved the way the characters came from the same backgrounds but their lives went down totally different paths, only to collide in the end. Very well written, and a hint into what life in Northern Ireland became like for some after the ceasefire. A very good read!